Is your home running by default or design?

Is your home running by default or design?

Bolanle has been stressed up lately just trying to manage her home, life and work at same time⠀

It seems as if there is never an end to what needs to be done⠀

Daddy wants her time. ⠀
Kids want her time. ⠀
Mummy accuses her of not reaching out. ⠀
She forgot her friends birthday. ⠀
Her supplies run out when she is unable to replenish. ⠀
Her help is misbehaving and stressing her. ⠀
She has become so forgetful she forgot her baby’s immunization. ⠀
She’s given up on homeschooling. She’s tired. ⠀
Stressed. ⠀
Burnt out. ⠀
And she still has work to do. ⠀
Work she cannot put aside. ⠀
She’s actually on the verge of sidelining her family so her work will survive,  after all, if there’s no money, things will go worse.⠀

But does Bolanle know that there is a better way to handle all this?⠀

Does she know that there is a rhythm and balance to managing her home in every season of her life?⠀

What if someone told Bolanle that she can design her home in a way that will help her focus on what truly matters per time⠀

Bolanle doesn’t believe it but Temi does. Temi has had a strategy and structure session with @aijayufomadu and has learnt to style her home with God’s Word,  skillful wisdom and Organized strategy. ⠀

Temi is doing so well that her pimples, which was a constant in her stressful days, are gone.⠀
She only has them when she has something she just needs to stretch to do…or  it’s that time of the month.⠀
And even at that, its just dots, not massive zits.⠀

Temi is happy and so is her husband, kids and even the house. ⠀

Temi needs to reach out to Bolanle⠀

Do you know any Bolanle.. ⠀

Bolanle could be your neighbor..your colleague..or even you⠀

Today I want to be your Temi and invite you for this free webinar on how to organize your home and make it more fruitful. ⠀

In this webinar, we learn how to build a home that is truly fruitful. It’s not just about structure and strategy,  it’s also about success and sustainability.⠀

If you want to learn how to have a more fruitful home, this webinar is for you. And because slots are limited, we advise you jump in fast.⠀

Registration opens today and closes as soon as all the spots are taken⠀

Dont snooze on this one.

Register on

Webinar holds on Saturday July 25, 2020

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