I guess i’m one of those people who just go kinda blank when people ask me ‘who are you?’

Not because i don’t know, but because i don’t know exactly where to begin from. I think I am still in the process of figuring out that elevator pitch statement that will aptly describe me in a few sentences. Mostly because my lifework is still gaining acute clarity (i guess it never becomes clear in an instant) and my passion is very deep.

That is not to say that i don’t know who I am. I am not just willing to place a finite description on myself at this point in my life, when my life is just beginning to unfold. The journey is far and when you are moving with God, you keep getting surprises, disruptions and interruptions along the way, all for His glory and being a blessing to your generation. And Ii am one willing girl who has hit the road, with my mind set on whichever way He takes me. He said all He needs is a wiling and available heart and i tell Him, I am willing and available, no agenda..no concrete plan, just a crazy deep passion to see my generation live for Jesus, so let’s do this Lord..


My name is Aijay Ufomadu and on this blog you will find me sharing my heart with you about life, learning, leaning and everything God teaches me on this journey to living my life sold out to God.


And yes, i have passions. I love God (guess that is pretty obvious by now), i love marriage and family (i’m a saved and hopeful romantic. I was a hopeless romantic till Jesus saved me..now I’am still a  romantic, just a hopeful one – i believe in the power of love – both God’s love and human love)

I love cooking and i love…. some other things. I will update as i remember them. for now, these three occupy my heart full time.



Loving you already…