When a team

of professional influencers in various areas of life come together to teach you how to win in these areas of life,you can be sure of this..
You will get top-notch quality information that will move your life forward and launch you into your best year YET!
A year where you’ll thrive on every area


That’s what will happen when you attend The FOCUS Conference Nigeria 2017, holding this year on the 9 and 10th of December, 2017


A wise man once said that you cannot do same things over and over again and expect different results. Bringing it home, you cannot make same decisions and continue on  same path and expect a different results. If you want a change, you need to make the shift first. Change begins with you.



Question is – what are you willing to give to create the change that will make life more exciting for you?


Because you deserve to wake up each day looking forward to the day with much anticipation and excitement because you are confident that it’s another day to win, irrespective of the challenges the day might bring.




At The FOCUS Conference this year,

You will learn how to LIVE your best life by  POSITIVELY DISRUPTING your current way of LIVING that isn’t working, change your current methodologies by evolving and start the process that will lead you to your THRIVING best year yet!
Plus an added bonus of learning how to create an action-based results-oriented life and goals plan that is sustainable and tailored to the uniqueness of season of life you are in, at any point in time





Join Us for an Incredible Launch into 2018

By December 2018, how would you love to look back on the year and be excited because it was your best year so far?
How would you love to end the year on an Incredible note of satisfaction because you not only succeeded, you thrived in every area of your life?
Imagine what it would look like to have ended 2018, ticking off all the major things you set out to accomplish.
Most significantly, what it would be like if you could…



  • Build a thriving sustainable living breathing relationship with God, leveraging on the ever present Grace of God, to soar in all areas of your life


  • Build a fit and fabulous healthy lifestyle that supports you as you work on your dreams and live your life. Imagine a life where the excess weight is off and kept off,  life is significantly less stressful and more organized, you are more empowered to make better health decisions and the hospitals and pharmacies see less of you


  • Imagine a life where you are in control of your emotions. You are no longer manipulated and overwhelmed with your feelings. Rather you are in charge and you have learnt how to harness the power of your emotions to work for you. You no longer live in defeat and discouragement but are able to handle challenges as they come to you, head on. Imagine being able to walk in the power of forgiveness because you know that walking in unforgiveness is not an option for you


  • Imagine a life where you now understand the power of the mind and it’s amazing ability to help you live transformed, if you take the right steps. The power of the mind is a gift God has given us that many are yet to fully understand and grasp. If you fully grasped what your mind could do, you’ll never look down on yourself again, another day of your life. As The Bible says, as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes


  • Imagine a life where your family and relationships are not suffering because you are working on being a success and leave a lasting legacy. Imagine being able to strengthen your relationships whilst making Incredible impact out there in the world. Whether you are a wife or husband, dad or mum, you literally are driving your home front excellently as well as every other area of your life


  • Imagine a life where money isn’t a threat to your dreams. Where you steadily but surely build the wealth you need to finance your dreams, in the most legitimate ways. Ah!! Money does indeed answer all of things


  • Imagine if in the twelve months of 2018, you take well-informed next steps that will lead to excellence and profitability in your chosen life work, be it in your career, business or ministry


  • Imagine being able to, without fear, make a list of your God-inspired goals for 2018 and gleefully tick them off one by one as you fulfill them. You are not in the zone of competition, you are in the zone of inspiration


  • How about learning the power of FOCUS and harnessing it for sharp power-point excellence


  • And then learning how to create an action-based results-oriented life and goals plan that is intentionally designed to gear you towards success in all areas of life.

Now to the grand one!

Imagine living your life in 2018 with all these boxes ticked. Literally. As in, they are translated into the specific areas of life, crafted and tailored to fit the uniqueness of your daily expressions. Because beyond learning, we will experience the prophetic push into destiny through an empowering encounter with one of the most amazing Kingdom generals of our time.. So after learning, we would to be empowered and prophetically pushed into  the next level of our life because some things are TAUGHT, others are CAUGHT.


Imagine having all these expressions summed up into one and flowing through your life, in seamless exquisite sequence, nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken, no challenge that cannot be adequately handled.


How would that make you feel?

How would it impact your life?


Not only would it make you a more confident and happier person, pumped-up to keep it going for years to come, it would also make you an inspiration to others, showing them in present day 21st century expression, that this abundant life Jesus talked about, is real.


That is what your reality will become when you attend The FOCUS Conference Nigeria 2017
The FOCUS Conference Nigeria will disrupt your current unproductive lifestyle, and lead you in a path of evolution that will cause you to thrive, not only in 2018 but also beyond
You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to birth that new year that you’ve craved for a long time now


It’s time to make 2018 your best year YET!



Here are just a couple things you’ll learn at The FOCUS Conference Nigeria this year;

  • Why your progress in life is hinged on your level of depth in God and how you can harness the power of Grace to propel you forward


  • How these three key factors – food, exercise and rest, affect your health and body metabolism and consequently, your ability to function and perform optimally  on all levels; plus tips on how to maximize these three  to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle that is tailored to any season of life you are in


  • How you can grow and groom wealth for your life and work in a steady but sure way, harnessing the power of Grace and wisdom for financial money management, so you not only build wealth, you maximize it as you  become a blessing to others


  • How you can leverage on the power of FOCUS to concentrate on your core competencies and sharpen your cutting edge


  • How you can build consistent excellence into what you do, whilst maintaining a grip on being a dedicated example of Christ in whatever field you are in


And these are just a few of them





 At The FOCUS Conference Nigeria 2017;

It only takes two power-packed days to set you up for a year of success on all sides.


Discover the path to living your best life and giving your best to God  during this 2-day workshop taught by seasoned professionals across all walks of life (listed below).




  • Instructional workshops sessions from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on December 9th, where you will be taught time tested and proven principles to living an abundant life, based on on The Word of God


  • Break-out sessions on tackling fear, next steps in the right direction of your specific life work and life action planning on December 10th from 1pm to 6pm


  •  A step by step guide on how to build the life you want by creating an action-based results-oriented lie and goals plan that will set you up to thrive


  •  A complimentary signed e-copy of Aijay’s newest book,  Optimize your life; A 7- step guide to building THE life that is thriving on all sides, the sustainable way


  • Experience what it’s like to break out of fear, overcome the inertia and enter into a whole new way of living life, at this live event with guidance from these seasoned professionals and surrounded by others who are focused on strategic intentional living.



  • Make new friends and get a structured accountability system to make things happen in 2018.


  • 3 meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday to keep your your energy and concentration levels up and focus sharp, all through the event


The FOCUS Conference is designed to equip the 21st century Christian with skills needed to thrive in their life assignment whilst fulfilling the mandate. The intent is to help you build a life that is focused, by connecting the dots in daily living, so you can win at work and in life. And work here goes beyond your career to your life work/assignment.


It’s a gathering of like-minded Christians doing big things for Christ. Christians who understand their place in the end-time agenda of Christ and are ready to step in fully, into what God is doing.


Christians who want to focus, without being distracted by things God has given us control over.


At this year’s Focus Conference holding on December 9 and 10, 2017, we will be learning practical Word-based principles and skills that will enable us thrive in different areas of our lives, as we BECOME the person God has called us to be
























Who should attend?


If you want to have a more fulfilling year in 2018 than you had in 2017, you should attend this event.


People all over the world are seeking to find dominant expression to the gifts and talents within them, whilst achieving high-end success on every other area of life. Wile e can never have a life devoid of trials and challenges, we can leverage on the Grace of God made available to us, combine it with top-notch wisdom that is accurate and specific, to produce consistent victories in our lives.


Whether you are 18 or 80, you have the God-given ability to set incredible goals and live you life fully, based on what The word of God promises and evidenced by the lives of many inspiring people around us. Anyone and everyone can participate in this event, so long as you have a drive to live your life more intentionally and fulfilled.


When you take a step in the right direction, you will be amazed by what you can do, especially when you are exposed to the right information ans supported by a structured accountability system.


What would it be like to reach the end of 12 months knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do? To feel the satisfaction of making things happen in your life? To realize that every single area o your life thrived all through the year, even through challenges? How would it feel to finally mark off a goal that’s been on your list for years and years?


We encourage you to attend The FOCUS Conference Nigeria 2017! and be transformed because it’s not just a conference, it will be a God-orchestrated boot-camp.  The life of strategic intentional living coupled with conscious consistent victories and amazing testimonies is for YOU too.  You belong at the TOP – Winning and Thriving




Registration fee covers meals and conference materials for both days

Early bird pricing ends November 25, 2017!

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