I recently released my first book, Optimize Your Life and the reviews have been amazing. You can find out more about it here

My blog is where i frequently write on living the lifestyle of Christ, in today’s world. From organic posts to guest posts and interviews with marketplace apostles, find every kind of inspiration you need to let go of your limitation and thrive. Here is where you’ll find it all

A weekly online book study series that teaches practical steps to living your life more intentionally, every day. It provides helpful tips for the upwardly mobile purpose-driven individual who wants to advance in their chosen fields of endeavor whilst still maintaining the proper balance in every other area of their life such that no area suffers because of the other.
Various ways to successfully manage different areas of life including spirituality/faith walk, health and fitness, finance, career, emotional management, mental and self-development amongst others are discussed in the series
Episodes are released on the official youtube channel of AijayUfomadu – You can get notifications of new episode by subscribing to the youtube channel .

Come hangout with me every Tuesday as I share tips on handling today’s commonplace challenges based on answers from God’s word. Venue is on my Youtube Channel – Aijay Ufomadu

Practical hands-on strategic training teaching you how to build a customized sustainable life-structure that will help you thrive as you fulfill your God-given life assignment. Principles, guidelines and Inspiration are taken right from the Word of God, as illustrated in the book – Optimize Your Life. Workshop holds once a quarter. Please follow @scriptsbyaijayufomadu and @aijayufomadu on Instagram to get workshop updates.

My greatest desire is to see people live with a deep conviction of God’s love and an utmost desire to live life fully for Him. Music is one of the ways i communicate that to the world. my first single will be out Easter 2019. Please pray along with me that lives will be transformed and people will be drawn into deeper embrace with God.


We’ve been saved to thrive and excel but sometimes, the challenges we face blind us to the super power made available to us at new birth. However, there are some people who have, in spite of the challenges, risen up to answer the call of God upon their lives and they are thriving at it. Come with me on this seasonal outing reopening in August 2019, as we look into the lives of these individual who are making waves for Jesus in spite of the odds. Let thier stories encourage you and shoot adrenaline into your veins.

The Live-Awake Initiative is a mandate to raise a people whose hearts are truly and deeply connected to the heart of God, The Father. More information here
Premium Customer Service Resource Suite for Corporate Personnel and Business Executives. More information here