My name is Aijay Ufomadu and I am woman with tall dreams and big faith and I am a woman who believes I can live my life fully awake!! That means I can have a thriving relationship with God that reaches beyond me to impact the world around me and the world at large. It means being able to thrive in life, at work, in my marriage and in anything my hands find to do. I believe I can be that incredible wife, wonderful mom, excellent career woman, great home maker and crazy God worshipper…plus every other good thing I want to be. But most importantly, I believe that the foundation to this life is rooted in a real, steamy, bubbling relationship with God. And I believe that you can be all this too.


So when I started out as an adult, I approached life with this understanding. But I found out soon enough that this kind of life does not drop on one like ripe cherries. It was not a walk in the park. I felt stuck. That was not what I envisioned. However I knew deep down within me that living my life IN FULL was not only possible, it was a promise from God. A promise I needed to activate in my life. But I didn’t know how.  I needed guidance. I needed tutelage. I needed skills. But all I had was a driving passion to discover that path that will help me thrive in every aspect of my life and follow it. So my search began.


Fast forward to a couple of years down the line, I have been able to find that path. I am living my life ablaze for God and awake to the world. I have been able to find and create that balance that helps me thrive whilst making phenomenal impact in my circle of influence. I can’t say I am fully there yet because it’s a journey that unravels…each new level deeper and greater than the former, but I have made so much progress that I find myself passionately helping others do same with  so much enthusiasm.


Have I had challenges? Yes. I’ve had my own fair share of challenges and each challenge reinforces the lesson that God will only go as far as I am willing to go. His Grace is so sufficient for me. I practically do not have any excuse not to be all God has made me to be. Neither do you.


I am extremely passionate in my relationship with God. I love God and I am not ashamed about it.


I am medical physiologist by training with post graduate degree in Business Development Management. I am also a customer service professional, a life optimization strategist and a personal branding enthusiast.


I am an author, a blog writer, a speaker and a talk show host on the Saved to thrive webcast, a periodical webcast focused on identifying and interviewing Christians thriving in their fields of influence. I also convene a monthly women’s intercessory prayer meeting tagged intercessors in heels. This is among other platforms.


My life work is geared towards helping you become more intentional and organised in your daily life so you can live a more fulfilled life. This is because the success of men is found in their daily routine. I passionately crave to see you live a thriving impact-full life, a life fully awake!!


So if you are purpose-driven and looking to become all that God created you to be, that would be YOU!!


It would be an honor and a great privilege to be your coach, cheerleader and accountability partner as I work closely with you to help you rise to become that person God has created you to be.


So come on board. Let’s re-ignite your inner fire. Let’s get you thriving. Let’s make your life work!


Before I sign off, my husband and son send their warmest regards. I am privileged to do life with one of the most amazing men on earth and nurture a son so precious and so rare