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Child of God

God-life Advocate

Wife & Mum

Corporate Jesus girl

Life Optimization Strategist

Author and Speaker

Advancing the Christ-culture,

Trending with the hashtag #styledbyABBA 

Living with the intention to make Jesus World-Wide-famous with a personal touch

A passionate lover of God and life optimization strategist, Aijay Ufomadu is an open-minded and deep-spirited game-changer poised to reawaken and rekindle the inner fire of her generation and the generation after her.

A medical physiologist by training and certified Customer Service Professional with post graduate degree in Business Development Management and UK Certification in online reputation management, Aijay is a techie by day at work, a life optimization strategist after work and a published Author.

Aijay is a #ZoeLife advocate whose passion is to see individuals evolve into their best thriving, fulfilling and impactful selves and her deepest desire is to see God glorified, lives thrive, destinies fulfilled and God’s counsel superintend in the lives of men.

Through the interplay of 5 key elements – deep-rooted spirituality, thought-provoking conversations, critical thinking, creative imaginations and organized strategy, she helps individuals recover their core and build lives ablaze for God and alive to the world. This she does to satisfy that part of her that craves to see the world flourish because people are living their lives Fully AWAKE!!

To this end, Aijay founded the Styled by ABBA community, a lifestyle brand for Christian Professionals and Executives intent on honoring God with their life, work, influence and impact. Styled by Abba has a virtual platform called the transformation lounge, where professionals and executives can learn how to thrive in every area of life by leveraging on the ever-effective Word of God, skillful wisdom and organized strategy. You can find out more here

Aijay values Faith, family, fun, purpose, planning, cooking, training, teaching, sunsets and beaches.

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