Hi, I'm Aijay

A Child of God (very core to me) | Zoe-life Advocate | Wife & Mum | Corporate Jesus girl in Tech and CX | Life Optimization and Productivity Strategist | Author and Speaker | Advancing the Christ-culture and Living with the intention to make Jesus World-Wide-famous with a personal touch

I am here to help you reignite your soul, recover your passions and focus so you can make room for the things that really matter, be your best and live your God-defined life on earth, giving the fullest expression to every gift of God in you, without sacrificing the things that are most important to you..

 I am passionate about helping you  build and scale your Personal. Professional and Vision-related productivity in a way that truly serves you, so that you can successfully navigate your unique distractions and conquer your fears and overwhelm in the journey of becoming the person God has called you to be


More About Me..

I remember growing up, in my early teens when I realized that the movie industry always portrayed the good Christian girl as shabby and low key while the bad girl was always well dressed and looking sharp. I was quite young but I knew something was wrong. Why can’t the Christian girl also look sharp and articulate, every thing nice without the bad. Why should we see a shabbily dressed person in a movie and immediately know this one is the good Christian person while the one who just stepped out of a really nice car is the ‘runs girl’. Media was building a narrative and It didn’t take me long to realize that society was subconsciously programed to expect very high morals from Christians but little or nothing on intellect and impact. So our voices were being drowned in the places where decisions concerning us were made. And I knew it had to change. I also knew that changing this narrative lied in the hands of Christians who God has given assignments but who were afraid to step out because the devil was seriously bullying them in different ways. Thankfully, the narrative is changing but we still have a long way to go. The world can only truly experience some levels of peace and transformation, when we come together as Children of God to impact the world with the value God has given us, thereby glorifying God. Plus the world has to stop associating mediocrity with Christianity! 

A little more about me..

I am a  passionate lover of God and Africa’s foremost life optimization strategist. I am an open-minded and deep-spirited game-changer poised to reawaken and rekindle the inner fire of my generation and the generation after me.

I am a medical physiologist by training but I work in the IT/Engineering Space (focused on my dream job – CXTech/Product) by Day and I am a life optimization and productivity strategist after work. I am also a Published Author, Speaker and Trainer.

I am a #ZoeLife advocate whose passion is to see individuals evolve into their best thriving, fulfilling and impactful selves and my deepest desire is to see God glorified, lives thrive, destinies fulfilled and God’s counsel superintend in the lives of men.

Through the interplay of 5 key elements – deep-rooted spirituality, thought-provoking conversations, critical thinking, creative imaginations and organized strategy, I help individuals recover their core and build lives ablaze for God and alive to the world. This I do to satisfy that part of me that craves to see the world flourish because people are living their lives Fully AWAKE!!

To this end, I founded the Corporate Jesus Girls Movement and the Styled by ABBA Brand, both of which are lifestyle and productivity brands, in different expressions, for Christian Multi-passionate Professionals intent on honoring God with their life, work, influence and impact. Styled by Abba is a budding community and we also have a virtual platform called the Styled by ABBA Academy (AKA the transformation lounge) and a Television Channel on Youtube 

I value my Faith, family and Purpose. And I love planning, cooking and teaching. I also love beaches and reading good books alot and when I’m not with a book, you can find me creating content for the Styled by ABBA TV or strategizing on my next goal.

Get the Solid Support you need to lead a Life that is truly meaningful to you.

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