I HAVE Refused to live Shortchanged!

I am Building a Life that serves every purpose that God has Placed on my Heart

My life is Thriving because I Partner with God

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I am a woman with multiple expressions and varied passions but at the core of all I do is a driving desire to honor God with my life and serve my generation with all the value God has deposited in me, thus living out the fullest expressions of my being in every season of life. 

This is my drive and my ‘why’, and this makes me so  passionate about inspiring and equipping multi-passionate Christians – Individuals whose ONE purpose is expressed through multiple channels and assignments – to optimize and maximize every season of life, living it to the very full, without fear and overwhelm; helping them make room for the things that truly matter – the fullest expression of God per season – without sacrificing the things that are important to them. 

I understand that this can only happen when we live our lives defined, detailed and designed by GOD and that’s why every thing I do is primarily rooted in, and channeled through God!

I’m extremely multi-expressive and very passionate and I HAVE refused to live shortchanged. I have decided that I will put God’s Grace that is on my life under pressure and live out the full intent of God for my life, in every season of life that I am in. It’s deep and I’m taking gradual but sure steps towards it.

Want to know more and better still join me, start here because believe it, you’re much bigger on the inside than you know. There is something that you would be in the future that you have no idea about now and your manifestation starts with knowing just what to do! Let’s learn and grow together, Join me now



Aijay plays multiple roles in my life, among them, therapist, execution coach, midwife and sense provider. Every day, and in every interaction – no matter the subject or the problem at hand, Aijay is completely present, fully committed, logical, methodical and focused on productivity ,rather than activity. Her wit and wisdom are just the icing on the cake. I particularly appreciate her ability to focus me on the specific issue at hand, rather than the 5000 other matters dancing in my head and her ability to break complex matters into their component parts and provide me with a clear roadmap for execution. And I am most appreciative of her exceptional follow up skills. Sis will ensure that you do what you have said you will do and the only way you would not do it is if you ‘fall down and die’. I would strongly recommend that you hold off on telling her about things that you are not yet sure that you want to do. I sign up for every single program or meeting that she organises, and I have never been disappointed. The woman ‘sabi the work!’
-Tofunmi O

I was struggling to get some traction at work and It was beginning to affect my confidence, I knew I loved my job but I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t connecting. When I spoke with Aijay, we drilled down deep and I discovered that my passion was calling me and I was suffering an imbalance between responding to my heart and being fruitful on my job. And I know I needed my job. So she helped me draft a plan that enabled me pay attention to the developing the skills I needed for my work so I could thrive again at work and also enabled me to pay attention to my passion, It was amazing. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. She broke it down and it was like a light bulb moment for me. I’m grateful that I had her to talk to when I did.
-Uzo M.

Aijay's approach to writing and solving problems is always unique because she possesses this phenomenal ability to break down complex overwhelming goals into bite-sized doable tasks. She doesn't copy and paste, she teaches you stuff that are authentic. Most often, she shares valuable insights from her life's challenges and victories. Her perspective and approach is very deeply rooted in God's Word, no wonder her results always speak. For me, her books and materials are not to be read once, every single creative from Aijay is a resource to be read and reread and referenced.

Aijay has this uncanny ability to see through you and bring out stuff from you you didn’t even know you had. Chatting with her reminds me of all the things I should be doing but haven’t done yet because I have been giving myself excuses. She makes me believe in self and see possibilities that I have been unwilling to acknowledge and she breaks life processes down into simple steps, so simple you would wonder what held you back all the while. If you need a coach who wouldn’t let you settle for less, Aijay is your girl
-Joy E.

Coach Aijay will take you beyond strategy sessions. She will literally take you from clarity to putting your goals and vision into perpective. You definitely need her in your corner to get that dream from your head into reality. Wow!!
-Pamela U

When Aijay broke down issues of having a clear vision and setting goals for me early this year ,it was just like magic....talking about rocks and pebbles. I applied this and it practically worked for me.
-Temitope A.

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