My Faith

I am a Christian. I prefer to call myself a Child of God because I am and it’s a heritage that I’m privileged to have, an inheritance that cost God so much so I do not joke with it. Part of the intrigue of being a child of God is the multitude of Graces, in quality and quantity, that God makes available to His children to be all He has called us to be. Truly, we can never live our fullest lives without the strength, power and guidance that only God can give.

God being our Father, means EVERYTHING!!

Like I always like to say, Daddy loves His girls (and boys too) and He loves to take care of us.

My faith is a huge part of who I am, I would actually love to say it is who I am and even though I would never shove it in anyone’s face, it lovingly shows up and undergirds all I do.

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