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I am a multi-expressive woman, like most woman are. I’m a wife, mom of boys, daughter (actually first daughter and in Africa, especially where I come from, that means a lot), daughter in law, sister and sister in law, niece, aunt and a couple of others.

I do not typically have a lot of friends maybe because I like to keep things real. Truth is, by the very definition of true friendship, we will probably have only a few true friends and if I call you my friend, it’s a big deal to me, otherwise, you’re my sister and that’s great too, just that it has less expectations.

I an avid reader, I love to read and I would say reading is favourite pastime.

My values border on Faith, family, love, integrity, loyalty, authenticity and quietness. I love my peace a lot and would just rather let things go than let it steal my peace.

I love to cook. I call myself a cook rebel because I can take a look at a meal, identify the recipes and cook it my own way. In the kitchen, my creative juices flow well and I really try my best not to be proud of it . lol.

I am a nocturnal being. My creative best is sharpest at night, especially if I had a late evening nap! I literally power through the night turbo-charged!

I love planning and organizing so much that I literally have to be super intentional about it because I have frequently been caught in the web of planning and never executing my plans. I just love pen to paper – most preferably a beautiful journal.

I also love teaching and training. My folks say I was born training from the womb. I’m not sure I know what they mean but it helps that I have a naturally dramatic personality so I leave impressions on your mind that won’t let you forget my message!

I’m an ambivert. I like to think I am an extrovert till I recently learnt that extroverts and introverts are not actually defined by how they act in public, they are rather defined by how they recharge. That would explain why some shy people can be super active in public and yet people call them introvert!! Anyway, the study says extroverts recharge by staying around people while introverts recharge by being alone and that is me spelt to the letter T! I love my alone moments a lot! I can stay all by myself so long as I have my Bible, journals, pens, internet and steady supply of nutrition. 🙂

I struggled with emotional abuse growing up and I was almost sexually abused which led to me growing up with a guilt-ridden and personality which in turn made me lose my esteem and confidence. I started to rebuild myself slowly in my 20’s.  Truth is, I can’t say that I am where I want to be but I am definitely no longer where I used to be and that’s not even a cliche. I am very much far away from where I used to be and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping people smash their limits because if I could do it, anyone can.

I am learning to appreciate, love and accept myself because God does. If God thinks I’m big a deal, then I am and so are you because He thinks same of you! I always say the devil knew I was going to whoop him bad so he attacked my mind early but he’s failed because I will still complete the whooping which I have already started to do.

I’ve triumphed depression and fear bouts and in the midst of all, and I have learnt that if the enemy is hitting you hard, there’s probably some gold you have to deliver to your generation so don’t quit, don’t give up on you and don’t treat yourself lightly. If the enemy takes you a lot serious that e’s giving you issues, you should take yourself more seriously and you can only do that in partnership with God. Remember, pirates don’t attack empty ships!

One more thing, I Loveeeeeeeeeee beaches and I look forward to the time when beach fronts will be a permanent part of my quarterly vacations!

One funny thing about me – it’s difficult to tell me a lie because I will always find out the truth even when I’m not looking for it, no matter how trivial the issue is. This singular factor led to the breakup of almost all my few relationships before marriage and I have toyed with the idea of being a detective for the American CID. I’m still thinking about it though and I will let you know what I decide (smiley).

One thing I believe – you can be anything you want to be, all in the right time. You can do all you want to do, not just at same time and whatever you do, make sure it’s meaningful to you and honors God. That’s what matters.

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