My Passion

In 2016, I caught a passion to reach the marketplace, a community that’s I’m strongly part of, for Christ.

By 2018, I couldn’t ignore it again and on the eve of my birthday, styled by ABBA was birthed, a platform designed to help Christian professionals and Executives leverage their full advantage in Christ to live a purpose-driven and fruitful life of phenomenal impact and influence

I have worked all my adult life after university and I know first-hand what life in the corporate world can be like. It’s fun and rewarding but if you are not intentional, the reward you’ll get will only be financial, ladder and fame rewards. But life is much more than these. There’s God to serve, self to care for, family to love and passions to express and ultimately purpose to fulfil and even though it can happen, a lot of times, our profession isn’t exactly an expression of our purpose.

The present-day work culture can make work-life balance and the pursuit of passion and purpose outside of work, difficult and most professionals do not realise what is happening and how much time is gone till they retire, resign or fired. Amongst those who are aware, some still don’t do much due to one limit or the other.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in work. I am a proud and grateful professional but we know that a lot of times, our profession and purpose aren’t always the same, even though some times, our profession can lead to our purpose, but only if we are intentionally seeking that out.  

When you think of Styled by ABBA, think time management, productivity, organization and life optimization all deeply undergirded by Christ. That’s what we do at styled by Abba- helping you be all you were created to be so you can live the life God has designed (styled) for you to live.

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