I’m legit a Corporate Jesus Girl. I love my work and I believe everyone should love what they do at work too, even if isn’t initially but sometime in your career path, you’ve got to start doing what you love so Monday mornings become a true joy. I also love to carry God into my work as much as possible. I believe we can spread the fragrance of Christ in the workplace without holding crusades or prayer meetings but by just being a true light and that’s what I endeavour to do. I can be a mischievous co-worker with love though

My profile reads below:

A seasoned Customer Experience Professional and Business Development Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry spanning over ten years. Skilled in Microsoft word and Excel, Agile/SCRUM methodologies, banking, training/capacity building, problem solving, service delivery management, team building and administration. Strong operations professional focused on business process improvement and customer Relationship Management with a professional diploma from Chartered institute of Customer Relationship Management.

I am a passionate problem solver. I have an intense desire to provide real and relevant solutions for today’s business needs. Through innovation, training and technology, I strive to help the individuals and organizations I work with, achieve their goals and be their seasoned best at what they do.
I do this because I believe that the world can only become better when every one of us contributes our seasoned bit, to making the world a better place. So, I welcome every opportunity to help an individual or an organization grow, evolve, and achieve goals, with an astute, keen and empathetic mind, because I believe that a healthier world first starts with healthy individuals and healthy organizations

I am also fascinated with the evolution of a product journey from idea through conception to fruition, right until it gets into the customer’s hands and the customer interacts with it. I know the value of a well-crafted and intentional product, built for the right customer.
I also, am keenly interested in a customer’s experience with an organization and the level to which the customer’s needs are met satisfactorily and how it impacts on both the customer’s next purchasing decision and the organization’s profitability.

I have been involved in building the Customer Experience culture of new establishments, aligning them to the goals and vision of the organization and part of my key function has also been, to help our business clients make better financial decisions that will positively impact their business which in turn, adds to the bottom-line of my organization.
I have also been part of brainstorming sessions where I have contributed valuable ideas that significantly moved my organization forward, some of which were pioneering.

When I’m not solving business problems in my 8 to 5, you can find me solving personal problems focused on helping visionary professionals and executives conquer overwhelm, barriers and limitations; and master the art of balance, so they can lead rich fulfilling lives and come into the fullness of their purpose. 

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