I choose Joy

I choose Joy

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I choose Joy!!

I’ve always been an emotional person and that transcends into everything I do. Initially I thought it was a burden and I always used to ask God to take it away. But as I found more of my identity in Christ, I realised it was a strength, a key strength that God has given me to aid the delivery of my life assignment. But just like every other gift from God, the enemy attacks it but it’s in fighting FROM the standpoint of victory given to us at Calvary, that I turn around the pain to purpose, the pity to praise and the mess to a message. 

This is where I find myself a lot of times. I take everything to heart, I feel everything deeply and knowing this made me learn to address my feelings and always choose the right ones. And one of the dispositions I always choose is Joy!

Life might to dish out some lemons but what you do with the lemon depends on you. You can either focus on the bright side, mix in some Scripture sugar and make a lemonade or eat the lemon bitter but the choice is really yours to make.

For me, I’ve decided to always choose Joy because it is with Joy that I’ll draw water (the benefits of salvation) from the well of salvation ( benefits like health, favour, increase etc.) – Isaiah 12:3

So how do I do this?

By focusing on the Word. For me, Gods word is the final say and when it gets difficult to handle, I ask Him to help me keep focus.

Whatever I can’t handle, I give to God. I can’t come and kill myself. God has even said to cast my cares on Him. So as soon as it starts to give me sleepless nights or make my heart hurt, be it a relationship or friendship, an issue, whatever it is; I give them all to God because I love my peace of mind… and joy. 

When I give things to God and He gives me an instruction, I do it because therein lies my peace…and joy. It’s not always easy but the pain of disobedience will always outweigh the inconvenience of obedience.

I involve God in my affairs and I do it on time. If by any chance I forget, I tell Him immediately I remember because God ….everything from beginning to the end of time and He loves me, He knows how and where to lead me. I can trust HIM absolutely.

There are a whole lot of others but these strategies top my list for now. I need to do these to thrive as Joy is the very foundation of my flourishing.

It is very easy to become that person that walks around sad, looking like they’re sucking lemons. But it comes right back on you, Negatively!
Don’t give the enemy such leverage in your life. Choose Joy. Day in Day out! There’s nothing so  wrong that God can’t work out right!

I choose JOY!!!

Have an amazing God-defined Weekend.

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