How I’m spending the current Lockdown Season

So it’s been quite some days all over the world. Funny though that the days seem to be flying past or maybe it’s because I decided that I was going to be particularly intentional with how I spend it. So I thought to share what that looks like for me so maybe i  can inspire you with ideas on how to spend yours⠀

Ordinarily I would be at work on a week day and I work about 10-11 hours daily. While I DO NOT want to reproduce that during this unplanned break, I certainly don’t want to waste my time either lousing around so I came up with a 6-8  hour work schedule to help me stay on track, maintain my focus, build myself and very importantly,  help me not to add to my already not so slim waistline⠀

On a typical workday, I resume by 8an. So I wake up like I do if I was going to work, go through my morning routines and take my bathe and by 7, I’m ready for the day.  I literally dress up but in a casual way, it helps my brain get the information that I’m not here to play⠀

I bond and play with my kids and look into some stuff from 7 to 9 am and by 9am I’m sitted at my reading table where I read for 2 hours with about 15 minutes break in between . While reading, I keep tabs with ONLY my office mail cos I’m still working remotely. I try not to touch other emails and apps⠀

After that, I take an hour long break cos, yes, I want to bring in some balance. Play with the kids and catch up on my to do, check my emails. And do some fun stuff.⠀

The next two hours I dedicate to praying and studying cos this period is a very good time to build some deep roots in Jesus, can i get an Amen?⠀

After that, I take another 1 hour break and then read for another 2 hours.⠀

By 5, I close shop. Done for the day.  Enough fruitfulnes and productivity done for the day cos yes, this is a part of my number of days, whether there is a lockdown or not..and we always ask that God will teach us to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom⠀

So yes. Be wise. I gope this inspires you. Please dont waste this period. I take God beg you ⠀

Love, light and life⠀

Aijay Ufomadu

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