How to handle your duties this season so you don’t get overwhelmed

We’re all working from home this period, well, most of us, and contrary to popular opinion, working from home can actually be overwhelming. ⠀

There’s something an office away from home does for you; it creates a space for you to work without distractions, so when you’re at home& you have to work with all the cute distractions around you such as your toddler pulling at your skirts& telling you he’s hungry for the 10th time in 2 hours… it  can be in a way you can’t help☺️⠀

And then the internet these days ⠀

Anyway, these are four tips to help you survive working at home this season and you can even apply it after wards plus it can work for both home and work duties⠀

Delete it: Scrutinize the work, if it’s not necessary, delete it. Or at best, leave it for when work officially resumes. Don’t clutter the time you have with things that can actually wait till later. But if its actually necessary,  do the next⠀

Defer it: If its necessary but not urgent, mark it down to be done later. Especially if its something you can do later at night e.g a meeting report or feedback that isn’t urgent. But be sure that you do it within 24 hours so it doesn’t end up becoming urgent. Same goes for your home duties like dishwashing. Just ensure the dirty dishes are arranged nicely☺️. If you can’t defer, do the next⠀

Delegate it: If its urgent but you can get someone to help you do it, please do so. But ask nicely, everyone is in pretty same shoes like you. Preferably, ask someone who might not have same level of distractions like you. Same goes for home duties too. When delegating,  ensure the person has all the capacity to deliver or at worst, make sure you review the result. ⠀

Do it: If it has to be done now and you cant get someone to help or you are the only one who can do it, then get it done. If you have to lock yourself up& you have someone to mind the kids, do so. Or get them busy on a book challenge. Or counting challenge with the promise of a reward. You might need to be creative and do what you need to do. ⠀

Bottomline,  pass whatever duty you need to do through this process so that you ensure that at every point in time, you’re optimizing your day.


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