Styled by ABBA Insta Fellowship July 13, 2020

Those who are employed should listen to their employers and obey their instructions with great respect and honor. Serve them with humility in your hearts as though you were working for the Master. Always do what is right and not only when others are watching, so that you may please Christ as his servants by doing his will. Serve your employers wholeheartedly and with love, as though you were serving Christ and not men. Be assured that anything you do that is beautiful and excellent will be repaid by our Lord, whether you are an employee or an employer. ⠀
Ephesians 6:5‭-‬8 TPT ⠀⠀

Welcome to our Syled by ABBA Instagram Fellowship for this week. Our Scripture focus ☝️ today is pretty self explanatory.⠀

We ought to work with the understanding that beyond what our business or company pays, for the work we do, God pays us for the good and excellent work we do.⠀

It is easy to gloss over this and take it for granted but today, let us reflect on how we do our job. If you’re employed, would the way you currently work be the way you would work if your salary was in millions?⠀

If you work away from your boss, would anything change about your output If he was going to suddenly visit and be with your branch for a while?⠀

If you own your business, would the quality of your service or product change if you suddenly realised the president was going to be your customer?⠀

How do we do our work? ⠀

Most importantly,  why do we do our work the way we do it?⠀

Remember,  we do not work as the world works. We work as unto The Lord⠀

Also remember,  our personal brand is what our work speaks for us, when we’re not there.⠀

Let your work ethics be built to honor The One who has sent you into the Corporate/business world.⠀

Have an amazing God-Defined week ahead. ⠀

God bless you ⠀

The Styled by ABBA Team


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