THE NEW GENERATION OF FASHION – Personal Style with purpose

This is a guest post by Selina KC, a Christian fashion blogger, gospel artiste, a decent fashion practitioner and an author with an outstanding degree in Law. Selina is passionate about dressing with purpose in mind, to reflect who you truly are, a prince or princess with God. She strongly believes that holiness should not be sacrificed on the altar of fashion and at same time, holiness is not an excuse to be drab.

You can catch her on her blog at or on Instagram @decent_fashion_magazine.

Enter Selina KC

Ten years ago, it was very difficult to find clothing that was both suitably modest but also on trend. What was modest was available as either frumpy, drab, stifling or boring but today there’s lots of choice.

Before now, the fashion industry spent billions of dollars each year marketing clothing to women, encouraging us to conform to specific ideals of what is beautiful and stylish.

But the truth is: There is no ideal woman when it comes to fashion. So it just doesn’t make sense anymore of all these magazines and fashion houses, model and runway festivals, showing a representation of the same type of girl. ”My woman is everyone” . She’s all these different people all over the world!

Team Decent Fashion is the ”New Generation of Fashion”, anchored on Personal Style with Purpose. The goal is to work on people’s perception of what’s truly beautiful as regards what women should wear.

You are beautiful darling, so don’t try too hard to impress. There is a right way to dress your features, shape and body type.

We do not choose our appearances- the slope of our nose, the texture of our hair, the height and width of our physical frame – all of these are genetically determined and largely out of our control. We do however, choose which clothes we wear on our bodies, and we make this decision each and everyday. There is a power in this – we have the power to choose clothing that reflects our values and self-image.

Modesty is an attitude, it is all inclusive of the faith, background or age of the woman who chooses to take a stand in how she presents herself.

In recent times, there have been many inspiring collections by some super talented designers who aim to cater to different tastes and preferences of various women.

Being well dressed is a discipline _ (and this goes out all our married women AT HOME!!!!!)

* * * * * *

Let’s move ahead now to some style tips to achieve an attractive but modest personal style!


– Find clothes you love that fit well and flatter your figure

– Your body and age should be included in your considerations when it comes to fashion..

– Dress within the constraints of knowing what works with your shape, personality and lifestyle.

– Choose the right prints and colors to play up your assets and camouflage problem areas.

– Trend carefully when it comes to trends. Choose the trends that fit well with your overall aesthetics

– Buy clothes from vendors at prices that keep your conscience pleased. Where you shop and how much you spend are choices that you can make, and your decisions only need to resonate with you.

– Feel confident in what you wear! So much of fashion is wrapped up in the confidence of the wearer. Fashion is as much about how the clothes make you feel as how you look.

– Don’t ever try to compete with another woman, more so, compete with a younger woman on the age proposition

– A great key to getting it right at every age is that the basis of style is an understanding of not only who you are but also the kind of woman you want to project.

– As women, we need to be very cautious when selecting our clothing as it requires far more than just the color and design.

– Different women have different body types which is why it is highly imperative for them to understand what suits them and what does not, rather than blindly following fashion trends.

– If you see any repetition of style tips, then it’s for emphasis sake _ lol

* * * * * *

So dress up and take a stand for good taste, style and GOD’S way of life. Set a decent example!

Selina KC

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  1. Chisom Selina KC

    Wow! This is awesome.

    So privileged to be hosted here!

    Keep up the good work Ma’am.

    It’s such an honour Ma.


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  2. Favour Andeyaba Ezekiel

    Hi Ma,
    im privilege to be here.i’ve always wanted to be a part of great bodies like yours up untill now that the oportunity so excited.may God grant you more grace in actializing more and more bigger goals in Jesus Name.Love Ma Aijay Ufomadu

    1. aijayufomadu

      Thanks Favour. To God be The Glory

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  4. Esume Norbert

    One of our Own …. Lord Jesus be Praise

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