What would your answer be?

This is one question every one of us should answer in this season. ⠀

This period is quite tasking and exhausting, emotionally. You literally need to fight for hope and stand aggressively in faith so if it helps, (and it will, please observe all the self care you can), stay safe and remember to take your daily fear-not pill.⠀

But while you rest, reflect on what the answer to this question would be⠀

I’m not sure that the answer would be your next big money break; it could be but I’m not sure, but I know that when you find the answer to this question and find a way to incorporate it into your life, you would live a happier more fulfilling life, because then you would  be doing what you truly love. And that my friend, is the kind of happiness that is priceless ⠀

So what would your answer be?⠀

Have an amazing God-Defined night ⠀

Light, love and life⠀
Aijay Ufomadu

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