Worklife Rountable 1

Enjoying their jobs is something that is probably synonymous with only about 40% of career Professionals. ⠀

Alot of Professionals see their work as that necessary evil they must go through, to survive. ⠀

But it doesn’t have to be so. ⠀

For starters, if you can work; If you have the ability to do the work you’re doing, that is something to be grateful for. ⠀

Remember that song we sang as kids- ⠀
-some have food but cannot eat. Some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat, glory be to God Amen.⠀

Maybe we should rephrase it as⠀

Some have work but cannot do it⠀
(Ask the sick for example)⠀
Some can work but have no work⠀
(Ask the unemployed)⠀
We have work and we can do it ⠀
Glory be to God Amen⠀

Be grateful that you can work and that you have work to do⠀

It doesn’t matter how little your job is, give thanks for it. If it is not the ‘thing’, it will be a path that leads to the ‘thing’.⠀

If you haven’t been enjoying your work, today is the day to change your perspective. Enjoyment or lack of it, is just a thing of the mind. You will only enjoy what you give yourself permission to enjoy. So give yourself permission to enjoy your job for the following reasons:⠀

-You have the job and you can do it⠀
-You earn some money and even  when it’s not enough,  it’s better than being jobless and all time broke⠀
-This job might not be your dream job but it’s part of the path that will lead to the dream job, if you handle it well⠀
You were hired because someone thought you had something valuable to give some. That’s something to be grateful for.⠀

There are a lot of reasons to truly appreciate your job, even if it isn’t what you want. Look for them and change your perspective.  Remember too that when we give God thanks, He multiplies. But it must be sincere gratitude.⠀

Please let this moment be the last time you feel unhappy about your job or complain about it.⠀


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