Do you track your finances?

Bola is a banker who earns about N450,000 monthly. However, she lives from paycheck to paycheck usually running out of cash a few days to payday. She has lived that way for a long time that she’s become used to it, believing that the security of her job, i.e, getting a paycheck monthly, is God’s gift to her since she has a problem with money Management ⠀

That was until she met Tola who earned 350,000 and has with that same salary, bought a land and started a side business which gave her more money without distracting her from her job.⠀

Bola is married to another banker and she has a child. Tola is married to a civil servant and she with two children; so Bola knew she didnt have an excuse. ⠀

Bola decided to start the journey to mastering her finance and the first step I advised her to embark on, was to track her finances. She needed to be more intentional with how she spent her money and what she spent on⠀

To do this, Bola got a small but cute notepad and drew up a table with tbe following parameters-date, type of expense, amount and balance. ⠀

It was a simple and basic approach which required consistency but by the end of the month, Bola was able to identify where money had gone to, that month.⠀

Another important thing was that she spent relatively less during the month because she was now conscious of her spending ⠀

Tracking your expense is the first and basic step to taking control of your finances. It has the benefit of helping you identify those village people taking your money away. Lol. Just kidding. But really it helps you know exactly where your money is going and because you’re now conscious of your expense, you think twice before spending. In essence, you start to take baby steps in financial discipline⠀

It doesn’t have to be complex. Follow Bola’s example above and start your journey to conquering the evil of living from paycheck to paycheck⠀

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Cheers to having an intentional financial life⠀

Do have an amazing and fruitful GOD-DEFINED Day⠀


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