How to pray for your kids

1.Pray over your kids at night or early in the morning while they are sleeping. Lay your hands on them and speak God’s promises over them⠀

2.Craft an easy and simple confession and teach your children. If you can’t confess it with them in the morning before you leave for work, ensure you call home at the time you know they are getting ready and do a quick prayer with them and go through the confession too. If calling at that time would be difficult maybe because you’re still driving to work,  call them when they’ll be back from school. If their school is one that would let you call them, then do so⠀

3.Get a children’s devotional and teach them The Word, as often as you can at least, weekends⠀

4.When you come back from work, make a habit to give God thanks first and do it with your kids. So as you come in from work and exchange pleasantries,  take them to the room with you and let them pray with you as you give thanks. That way, you’re teaching them what’s truly important ⠀

If you typically come back after they have gone to bed and you leave for work before they wake up, revert to point one and two and ensure you do weekend devotions with them⠀

Hope this helps⠀

Love, light and life⠀
Aijay Ufomadu

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