Life after COVID 19 + Personal Reflections

Life after COVID 19?⠀
What is it going to look like?⠀
Will things return to normal entirely⠀
Or would there be a change?⠀

If there would a change, how mild, subtle or drastic would it be?⠀

While we don’t have all the answers to these questions, we at least know that there would be a life after all these. And as a Christian, life is rigged in our favour. Always. Always. Because the path of the righteous man is like the shining light that shines ever brighter, unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18. ⠀

Now to the business of today, transition from this season is around the corner and if you are going to make a successful transition into it, you would need to understand where you are coming from on the journey to where you’re going to. ⠀

They say history repeats itself, but that’s only if you didn’t learn the lessons to stop it from repeating itself.⠀

So these are 7 questions you need to ask yourself that will help you do better tomorrow⠀

1) What were my CATALYSTS – Things that helped me do well, conquer my goals and exceed my expectations.  Everything that worked in my favour. Take note of as many as you can remember, note those that are under your control that you can repeat again and make plans to repeat them⠀

2) what were my CHALLENGES – Things that hindered or stopped me in the pursuit of my goals and the life I want to live. Take note of them, identify those that are under your control and make practical plans to eliminate them, or at least minimize them. And for those you can’t control, hand them over to God ⠀

3) What were my LESSONS LEARNT- a holistic view on what you believe are the greatest takeaways from the season.⠀

4) One thing that STOLE MY PEACE – address it so it doesn’t come up again in the next phase. Peace affects productivity ⠀

5) People TO FORGIVE/ things to LET GO of – Unforgivesness drags you down. If you’ve been feeling stuck or bogged down, you just might  need to check in this area⠀

6) 3 Things I’m GRATEFUL for- write them⠀

7) RESOLUTION GOING FORWARD – be intentional with what u do and HOW you live ⠀

Love, Light and Life⠀
Aijay Ufomadu ⠀

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