If this sounds like you, I just might be able to help you change that narrative

She’s ambitious. Driven. Child of God. Married. Busy with her job. Focused on her career. She wants to win at work but never at the expense of her home. She knows she has a purpose but this purpose thing sef
She has buried her passions so deep within her that she isn’t sure what they are anymore. Yet she knows that just the way a tree blossoms to life at the scent of water, so her passions will come to life if stirred. But overwhelm & needs won’t let her see beyond her nose; so she has unconsciously chosen to bury her dreams so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of not being able to fulfill them. She doesn’t have the time, she laments.
She scrolls through social media often and sees people living their lives, fulfilling thier dreams. The child of God in her is sincerely happy for them but she can’t help feel a ting of envy, she wishes she had the time to drive her dreams. .
For she has errornesouly believed that because she doesn’t ‘do her own thing’, she  can’t pursue her passion. 
Her time is not her own, she says, but she says it like she eats, sleeps and breathes work all day, 24hrsX7days
She hasn’t learnt the art of boundaries & balance & so having a life outside her 8to5 doesn’t sound like a possibility. .
What she needs? Someone to teach &show her the exact approach she needs to critically audit her life, eliminate the non essentials, structure her days + manage her time in a sustainable way that will help her deliver on her dream. 
She needs to understand what the rhythm of balance and seasons means, for her.
She needs to understand her whole self, spirit, soul & body so she can tap into the wealth inside of her.
And she needs to learn the art of patience as she watches her life evolve before her
When she encounters this transformation,  a light bulb goes off in her mind as she suddenly realises that it wasn’t time or money that held her back all this while, it was HER. She now knows that she can begin to live the life she loves…she only wishes she had started earlier. .
My name is Aijay Ufomadu and I help you transition into your dream life by equipping you with the streams, skills and strategy you need to lead a supernatural life

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