Of 1000 lists and more

Of 1000 lists and more

Amazing You,

How’s the year panning out for you?

How are your 2021 resolutions (If you made any) going thus far ?

And if you didn’t, that’s fine, I totally understand.  

Because sometimes your new year resolution could be to not make any resolution. 

Your new year resolution could be to just BE!

Live and breathe.

And it’s very much okay to make your new year resolution much later in the year or even in the middle of the year!
 A popular proverb says and I quote:- ‘when you wake up, is your morning’.

In other words, when your light dawns, your day begins (figuratively). 

Just ensure though that you are not spending your time lounging in bed, sipping cocktail and watching life. Be sure you’re in bed because you’re resting or healing.

This year is going to be really fast!  It was just about 2 minutes ago when we just said Happy New Year and boom! it’s the end of May already.

Honestly, time is running. But hey! You don’t have to run with it. Or feel pressured that you haven’t started anything yet. 

It’s okay to make some movement and by all means do, but if you’re not at a place where you can make meaningful movement, commit to your healing and focus on that so you can spring back and get back on track because, we need to move.

And if you’re already hitting the goals, keep at it. Just ensure you move at your pace and take some rest when you need to and after you’re rested, pick up again.

In January I had a burnout. I talked about it in an earlier post but i want to share another perspective to it today.

So, I had already hit some of my goals for the year but I was exhausted. And in the middle of the exhaustion,  I was still trying to act strong till I had to sit down and acknowledge the truth.

I was exhausted. And burnt out.

I had been on a 4 week marathon building about 4 websites, a magazine, massive contents and writing books, in addition to being a wife, mama, daughter and sister. 

I was tired, and angry! I was wondering if it was all worth it.

You see, exhaustion has a way of making you disillusioned. Suddenly,  you start to think that everything you believed for, the life you longed for and worked towards, isn’t possible. 

Exhaustion makes you want to creep back into your hole and focus on surviving instead of thriving. 

I was tired and I knew it. 

We’re a generation that gets some kicks from getting things done but sometimes we forget that there is the skill to getting things done and there is the spirit of getting things done.

What I mean is this: There is no need ticking off a ‘to-do’ list of something that ordinarily should be done in a more meaningful way, but you rushed through it because you’re trying to do so much and you just need to tick it off as done!

An example is rushing through our devoted communion time with God just to tick our mental or physical register that we’ve prayed long and satisfy our religious conscience. Trouble is, when we really need the strength that the prayer should provide, we won’t find it because we didn’t dig deep, we only went shallow.

God would rather we spend a meaningful 15 minutes with Him than a rushed 30 minutes.

Another is reading. We all want to say we’ve read 100 books by December 2021.


But our lives stay the same because we hardly remember what we read and/or not implementing because we didn’t take the time to draw a parallel between what we read and our lives.

How about doing a job or an assignment and rushing through it only to have to do it again because we didn’t do it well or putting up with a shabby work because we don’t have time to redo it.

Then those moments when we’re working on something or catching up on the phone and we make our kids repeat themselves 5 times because they are talking to us but we can’t hear them; we’re distracted.

We fill up our to-do list with 1000 items because well, maybe we’ll get some robotic powers during the day to execute them :)

I wish there were no effects to living like this but alas, there is! Because as we water down our concentration, our brain starts to get used to the idea of us living a life that is not focused. 

So the brain knows that you typically don’t give your full attention to a thing and you do more than one thing at a time, ALL the time. So when you’re doing just one thing, your brain starts to look for a second and maybe third thing to add to what you’re doing cos hey! ‘Here, we do more than one thing at a time even if our attention isn’t focused on it’.

There are some times you NEED to do more than one thing to get things done but there are times you need to focus on just one thing and do it well.

But your brain doesn’t know the difference because you’re doing a whole lot EVERY time.

So you’re reading a book and at the foot of the page, you realise you can’t remember what you read on that page because your mind was everywhere but on what you’re reading.

And you maybe have to read the page again..but you’ve lost time.

There’s power in focus and this is a WHOLE message. 

But I’ll paraphrase the message by saying that doing a few things very well is better than doing a lot with mediocrity. 

Take this truth from an ambitious and multi-tasking human like me, I love to load my lists and tick off stuff but I’m learning that it’s not in the amount of things I do, it’s in the quality of the things I do; the 20% that makes the difference and you know what, alot of times, those relevant things that make the difference aren’t much.

They might not fill your to-do lists but they’ll help you become what is in your to-be list:- the list that describes the life you want to live and the person you want to become.

My charge to you today is to disconnect from the chatter and noise of what social media and influencers say you life should look like. They did not create you and even though they have a great sense and an idea of how a successful life should be, God has your own ultimate blueprint, especially if you’ve been stressed out and running battery low.

Disconnect and find your way back to God’s throne room, take a long hard look at your life and lay it before Him and ask Him to help you eliminate the clutter, even the ones you thought you couldn’t do without.  And ask Him to help you live your days more meaningful.

When you do that, your life will truly start to make sense.  That doesn’t mean it will be a merry-go-round because God will stretch you by calling you out of your comfort zone so you can build your capacity, do more and become more. Abundant fruitfulness happens on the stretch.

But you won’t be stressed because He will not give you more that you can bear. Stress happens when you try to do more than your capacity can carry.

Skills in a task are important. The act of doing a thing is important but it’s the spirit with which you do the task that makes the difference, making your work stand out.  That’s why two people can do same thing but get different results. One is an act(skill), the other is an art(spirit). One is usually done to cross it off a list and move on, the other is done with purpose and intention. 

Make your life an art; operate from a place of peace and focus, purpose and intention. 

I pray for you today that God will fill you with the wisdom you need to know what is relevant and what is extraneous, in every season of life that you are in, so you can focus on what truly matters per season and live your days more bright, more energized and more meaningful. 

I leave you with this
Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.
Galatians 6:4-5 (The Message Version)

Have an amazing God-defined week ahead 

Love, light and laughter. 

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