Made for God

Made for God

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A fisherman caught a really beautiful fish one day and because the fish was so cute…the fisherman decided to place the fish on his bed and watch its beauty. Your guess is as good as mine..the fish struggled and died. Because there was no water to sustain it.

The next day, this same fisherman saw a beautiful little plant and decided he would love to decorate his sitting room with the beautiful plant. So he uprooted the little plant and placed it in an empty jar and kept the jar on his centre table. The plant withered the next day.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what kind of dumb fisherman that is. I’m wondering too. Just that I don’t want to go so far wondering because somehow that fisherman lives among us…sometimes he’s really close…as close as living in our hearts.

K. This is the question. What could have been done differently to help the fish and the plant survive. For one, a mini aquarium.. Or a large bucket of water with cover will have done the trick for the fish…and a little soil, good soil with water and sunlight will have helped the little plant blossom and become even more beautiful…thereby making the man’s house even more beautiful.

Bottomline, the fish and the plant were cut off from their source…so they withered. They came from a source and only connection to that source could sustain them.

Which is why I said the fisherman lives close to us. Sometimes as close as our thoughts and the very decisions we make.

God said let us make man in our image and after our likeness…and He did. Man was created in the very image of God because Man came from God.

We are not existing in a vacuum. We have an origin. A source. And that’s God. He made us. He formed us. He breathed into us. It is His breath that keeps us alive.

We all have a vacuum in us only God can fill. It’s a God-Shaped vacuum. Nothing and no one  can fit in, except God. It’s like taking chilled coke when you’re thirsty. You will likely feel ok but after a while, the thirst will hit you again. And sincerely if you keep taking coke every time you’re thirsty… The doctor will soon become your friend. Your best bet is to satisfy your thirst with what truly satisfies. Water.
And cold chilled one at that.

You see, the day we take a walk away from God, we will start to struggle because we are out of our source. We’ll just be merely existing. True living – that ‘alive breathing excitement’ that comes with the feeling of being alive (forgive my grammar) can only come when we are connected to our Source.

Life can be stressful…tiring….a hustle…bustle…annoying…etc., but if we can plug into the One Who alone sustains us, life will become much more interesting.

He didn’t promise a life with no stress…. But that He will be with us…through the fire…the pain..the ‘whatever’ life brings and He will ensure it works out for our good. Irrespective of what happens, ll things work together for our good because we love God…Romans 8:28

And remember.. The kind of death Jesus died, the blood He shed, the pain He went through is too much for any amount of sin or mistake to neutralize it. Jesus didn’t go through all He went through to see a sin or a mistake His blood can’t handle. There is nothing you’ve done, absolutely nothing that can nullify or neutralize the mercies of God.

We are made for God and if we can reconnect to Him, He will give us a fresh start.

And whatever you d, whatever happen, always ensure you remain CONNECTED to your true source.

Have a good evening and an amazing God-defined day

God bless you


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