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Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish for us the work of our hands — establish the work of our hands! ⠀
Psalms 90:17 CSB ⠀

The favour of God is always a distinguishing factor.⠀

When the favour of the Lord is upon you, your work is more meaningful and your output will always exceed your input.⠀

Of course, this is never an excuse to be shabby about your work or not do your work well. You always have to do what ever you do, excellently, because you’re an ambassador of Gods Kingdom. ⠀

One thing the favour of the Lord does is to position you appropriately and it causes the light of God to be upon you. The good work you do will be seen without you having to make noise. And The Lord becomes your defence. You begin to literally work for God as your Boss and God always pays. ⠀

As the Scripture above says, let the favour of the Lord be upon us and establish the works of our hands. Yes, establish the works of our hands.⠀

It means then that as a Christian professional, you will need to operate in God’s favour if you want the work of your hands to be established.⠀

Don’t just wake up, go to work, and operate from a hustle mindset. No. Let your work-life reflect who you are and Whose you are. Live as an integrated whole and work from a rest mindset. A mindset that knows that God has got your back.⠀

You need to understand that your work is a platform for God. That means you give every part of your life to God, including your work. ⠀

Every day, as you go to work, work with the consciousness that the favour of the Lord is upon you and because of the favour of the Lord, the works of your hands, are established.⠀

So when people are afraid, you don’t fear their fear. When people are shouting that there is a casting down, you don’t say the same. You affirm that – ‘for me, there is a lifting up, because the favour of the Lord is upon my work’.⠀

This consciousness comes with a responsibility though. You have to give your best to whatever you do because you represent the kingdom of God.⠀

When you do your best and the favour of God rests upon it, the sky will be your starting point.⠀

Have an amazing God-Defined day. ⠀

Team StyledbyABBA

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