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Pep Talk on Divine Health

Today, our Pep Talk is on divine health.

This topic is especially important in these times because of the all the things happening around us.
We need to understand that in spite and despite all, our constant focus must remain on the word of God.

Now Divine Health is part of the Graces we receive when we get born again. Salvation was not the only thing Jesus procured for us, He also got us Divine health and prosperity.
So, it’s not right to focus solely on salvation and leave Divine health or prosperity out. They all come together.
However, if you do not know this, the enemy will try to steal it off you.

The Bible says that He himself took our infirmities, by His stripes we were made whole (Isaiah 53). This means that Jesus took our sicknesses away from us already, so if there is any sickness in you, it does not belong to you. The enemy placed it in you, so you ought to stand on The word of God and resist it, say a firm NO to it and keep saying No till it leaves. We are not the sick trying to get healed, we are the healed saying NO to sickness.

Walking in Divine health also places some responsibilities on you. That we have access to Divine health does not mean we get to live our lives recklessly. We have a responsibility to eat healthy, reduce our carbs intake and sugar, exercise properly, drink alot of water, take appropriate health supplements, have a good night rest and do all the natural things that we have to do to stay healthy.

When we do all these things and place the word of God upon them, we live Supernatural- placing the Super on the natural.

So,we have to be very intentional with our health and the way we live our lives. Divine health is a gift that we have when we give our lives to Christ but it’s not just standing on the word of God, it is a combination of doing the natural and standing on the word of God.

Just like in this Covid-19 season, we are expected to wash our hands, maintain social distancing, sneeze into our elbow etc but our confidence should be on the word of God and not in the things we do.
So always remember that Divine health is combination of standing on God’s promises and doing the natural things you need to do to stay well

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