That One Tablet that Cures Everything and How to Take It Well to Ensure Results!

Ever been in a bus and seen those folks who advertise for a drug that cures everything, commonly referred to as gbogbonisé in this part of the world. I often wondered how in the world that could happen. Well, turns out they are right. There is actually this drug that can cure everything just that this time around, it’s more authentic and it’s definitely not gbogbonisé!

I remember when I was a lot younger, maybe like 6 or 7 years of age. Not sure exactly now but quite young. My mum came back one day and we were talking. I can’t remember exactly what happened but I know at some point, she asked me to pray to God for a new car. I told her ok and I did. I remember the day I prayed. I knelt down by our center table in the sitting room and I asked God for a new car. I actually asked him to help my parents buy a new car and I told him which car it was (because my mum already told me). We wanted a 505 Peugeot car. A few weeks later, a new car was driven into our house and it was exactly what I had asked God for. I was elated. Glad. Excited. But most of all pleased that God heard my prayer. Small me!

That event started what happened to become my greatest trust in God’s ability to work things out through prayer. Growing up, I was never afraid to ask God anything. I didn’t get answers all the time and sometimes I got quite the opposite, but I learnt that prayers never leave the situation or you the same. There is always a fruit of prayer.

Prayers is the original gbogbonisé. It can heal and cure anything and everything. Even if the doctor has written your case off, prayer can turn it all around. It works wonders. It can change the tide of events. Make things work out. Change situations. Turn the hearts of men around. Stop things. Start new things. Change doctor’s reports. Awesome results that are simply mind-blowing – all because man asked GOD to INTERVENE in a matter.

But the greatest for me has to be that it makes me more like God every day. You see, when you spend time continuously in God’s presence, it’s hard to remain the old un-renewed person you were. His presence washes and cleanses and strengthens you to become more like Him.
And even when we pray and things don’t go as planned, at least according to ‘our’ plan, I’ve learnt that because we trusted God enough to pray, God always has a way of working it out ultimately for our good. Somehow, God routes it in such a way that we become very grateful we didn’t get the answers we wanted, in the first place. It may take a while to eventually see that way but then that’s what it’s all about – TRUST! That God loves you, TRUST! That HE has your back and TRUST! That HE has you covered

For this original gbogbonisé to work, you have to take it as prescribed oh. You can just pray anyhow and do anyhow because in prayer you are communicating with God, not your fellow man so you need to be guided; there are protocols of His presence.

When you pray, these are some key essentials:

Thanksgiving: You have to enter His presence with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the very ingredient your prayer needs to be soaked in. That alone determines how fast your answers come. I mean…think of it yourself. Who would you respond to more – someone who appreciates you or someone who acts like you owe them something when you don’t?

The Word: You have to have a word, Scripture, for every prayer you pray. Soak your request in The word of God. Get scriptures connected to your request and plead your case before God. In The Bible, God says come with your strong reasons (Isaiah 41:21). The SCRIPTURES are the strongest reasons you need and guarantees answers because God honors His Word

Forgiveness: You need to live a life of forgiveness because unforgiveness can ruin any mountain of faith you have built up for your request. You don’t need unforgiveness or bitterness or held-up anger. So if you have any ought against anyone, kill it. Murder it. Let it go. Don’t even wait for the person to apologize to you. For the sake of your own self, forgive and if you find it difficult, pray for God’s blessings on the person CONTINUALLY till the sting disappears (it actually works. Try it. It won’t be funny at the beginning but KEEP AT IT)

Trust and Faith: You have to trust that God hears you. The Word of God says He that comes to God must believe that God IS and that He is a REWARDER of those that seek Him diligently. You have to trust that GOD is YOUR REWARDER and believe whatever you see in the Bible as the ultimate. Agree with The Word.

Ask in The Name of Jesus: Yes, because that is the only Name that guarantees answers every time you call

I really don’t want to write a long list of must-dos for prayers. It really is simple. God is our BIG Father. So approach Him with Love, respect and a sincere heart.

Don’t worry about ANYTHING. Instead pray about EVERYTHING. Tell GOD what you need and THANK HIM for all HE’S Done..…Phil4:6 (NLT)

There’s nothing. Absolutely nothing we can’t pray about. Nothing we can’t talk with God about.



. Alright!

This is me from way way back. 10 years now. Haven’t changed much. Lol!

Till I come your way again..keep living for Jesus!

Love you from the very depth of me

Aijay Ufomadu

…..Live Awake

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