What’s your Spiritual Immunity Practice?

This Covid ’19 season has seen us doing all sorts of things to stay healthy. Beyond the usual hygiene practices we’ve been advised to observe, some of us take extra steps to stay healthy by boosting our immunity, from multivitamins to local teas of ginger, lemon and honey.

When someone gets exposed, he or she would do a major immunity boost, every thing that can be done will be done to ensure the virus doesn’t take root and bring the person down..

One day, I spoke with a friend who was trusting God for a breakthrough and was on the verge of getting it but was being plagued with terrible doubtful thoughts. I tried to encourage him and reminded him that having doubts was a serious matter, it can actually STOP the process of things and then it would look like what one was afraid of, had happened.

While encouraging him, it suddenly dawned on me that doubts were like viruses, little thoughts eating away at your core, trying to bring you (in this case, your faith), down.

So if doubts are like viruses, there must be something we can do to ‘boost our spiritual immunity’ so we can stop the enemy from robbing us.

I shared that thought with him and asked him to think of anything that reminds him of God’s faithfulness and fills him with faith.  It could be remembering past testimonies and victories, worshipping, singing hymns, making confessions, watching a particular movie that showcases God’s faithfulness (e.g facing the giants or any movie by the Kendrick brothers) or reading specific things you had written that God told you personally or listening to a message. Anything at all that brings you back to faith is what you ought to concentrate on doing when doubts hit.

And that was how my friend tackled his doubt. For him, it was his past testimonies and worshipping God. He spent some time reminiscing and worshipping after a couple of hours, he felt his faith boost again.

What viruses are to the human body is what doubts are, to your spirit and just as during this Covid 19 season, we always take steps to build our immunity to keep us strong, whether we are exposed to the virus or not; we ought to pay even more attention to our spiritual life at all times, especially when we start to feel doubtful. it is extremely important that we build our spiritual immunity against any and every doubt. Let’s remember that The Word of God says that a doubtful man should not think that he would receive anything from The Lord (James 1:6-7).

What will boost your faith might be different from what will boost your neighbour’s faith. You would need to find out for yourself what your faith boost is and indulge in it more often.
The list above can help and it stretches beyond that. Whatever the answer is, you will know within yourself.

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