Walk to Freedom

It might be a long walk from where you are to where you ought to be. You might feel unqualified and even though you know God can qualify and use the unqualified, you know the way you are will not be a blessing. It could be a bad habit or a negative mindset, or a health issue or a situation that has held you so strong you know only God can take you out even if you’re not sure He will. And then when you get yourself to believe that God will, you ask yourself, how will it be? You need a change but you don’t know where to start from.

I have an idea. Start from God’s Presence. The presence of God is a powerful refining room and the beautiful thing about His presence is that you don’t need to change a thing about yourself. You just come as you are and He will not in any way cast you out. Constant exposure to the rays of God’s Presence will start to work on you and in you and those strongholds will start to weaken. The hinges and joints will come apart steadily but surely and that evil that has had you so long you’ve given up in freedom, will start to loosen its hold on you. Sometimes though, the holds loosen in an instant. But most times, it takes a process, so as the holds weaken by the day, it is replaced steadily with God’s Strength, by the day. It doesn’t matter how powerful it is, God’s Presence is more powerful than it. So just soak….in His Presence

You see, the seed of righteousness that was planted in you at your newbirth is nourished in God’s Presence, So you drop the ‘old feathers’ and grow some ‘new feathers’ for this new life and someday soon, you will come away from the blast of his presence and discover – You Have Changed…

The hold has fallen away finally and you didn’t even know when because you were so consumed loving God, just focused on Him. And when it fell away, the heat of His Presence consumed it.

So to sustain it, you remain where you got it in the first place – God’s Presence.

Remember the enemy will come back hoping to find it empty and if he does find it empty, he will bring heavier holds than you had before. You don’t want that. You don’t need that.

Living daily in His Presence starts with your prayer altar. It’s not so much a specific place (though a specific place is highly encouraged) as it is, a mindset that affects your approach to His throne. Get serious and give it a time (it’s an appointment) and as much as you can, a place. And keep to your appointment because when that time comes, God will be there waiting for you. Please do not stand Him up. And make it regular

Enter with worship.

That is the protocol of His presence. And make it be real, from your heart. No lip-singing. Really think about what you are singing…and go on and have communion with The Holy Ghost. I will not give you any other step in His presence beyond this. I’ll just tell you how to go in. It’s an appointment between you and Him and He’s the Chief so he will lead and guide you and He will tell you what to do. And when He does, please listen and follow Him…closely.

Another is the gathering of the brethren. That is a very powerful one. It brings the corporate anointing and in that atmosphere, any good and great act can happen. It’s almost as if the faith of many coming together forms a great force that pulls God’s anointing down in such a way it’s almost tangible…and His anointing moves in different directions healing sicknesses, solving problems, delivering people, answering questions and doing what He knows how to do best – restoring man to the state of life man ought to be in- the abundant life (living).

And when you leave the prayer altar or the fellowship with the brethren, preserve the atmosphere by continuing in worship. Create an aura of worship by the things around you. Playing Gospel music, The Word of God in audio format and sermons are extremely important and will help build that almost tangible presence of God

Actively cultivate God’s Presence around you and live in it…Someday soon, you’ll look back and remember your miseries as the waters that pass away…

Yours in The Lord

EL’ Hephzibah

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