3 Reading Strategies for Busy Professionals

You know you can never solve a problem at the same level that you met it and one key way you can upgrade your level is by ingesting relevant information that will help you grow into the role that has the capacity to solve that problem. So whether it’s a study you’re doing, a degree or higher qualification, a certification or just reading wide and deep to grow your capacity, here are three ways you can get more reading done in the midst of your busy days, everyday.

Schedule to read 30 minutes to one hour every evening before bedtime but please NOT on your bed. Read on an elevated surface, sitting upright. To make this work, you will need to consciously manage your energy at work, set working time boundaries so you leave on time after the day’s work is done, stay hydrated which will help boost your energy level and have a light & early dinner of mostly proteins and fruits, so you dont feel heavy and sleepy.⠀
Now, if you feel that your work schedule and/workload wont allow maximise this strategy, read on for more strategies ⠀

Sleep early and wake up earlier so you can read for about 30 mins to one hour. The advantage of this strategy is that you’ll feel rejuvenated and well rested after the night’s sleep so if you typically work long hours or do heavy duty work, this might be the go-to strategy for you. Dont hold on to ur early morning sleep, remember, you slept earlier. ⠀

This strategy can be used on its own but will give you more if you use it in addition to either of the two strategies above. It’s easily achievable for everyone but you have to be very intentional about it. This strategy takes advantage of fringe moments all through the day. Fringe moments are marginal moments in between activities such as commute time while travelling or going to work, waiting for for appointments or break time etc. These moments might appear small but they should never be wasted. E.g while commuting, if you aren’t the one driving, you can read some. If you are driving, do audio books. Audible and YouTube has some great audio books. These moments are like little drops of water which build up if you stay consistent & disciplined

Aijay Ufomadu

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