What to do when your boss is younger and less experienced than you

Working with a boss younger or less experienced than you, below are some tips to help you be more supportive.⠀

1. Pray for them and yourself too- One key thing that would always help your working relationship with a boss that is younger or less experienced than you are, is to pray for them because you cannot be angry with someone you pray for. ⠀
Hence, your relationship works out well and better. ⠀

2. Have an excellent attitude, be faithful to your work, complete whatever tasks you’re given. Do not nag or grumble at tasks you’ve been assigned. Maintain an excellent attitude and give your best. Remember, you might have a physical boss but God is your Main Boss⠀

3. Learn to play well with others in the office but know where to draw the line especially regarding their attitude to your boss. Do not join anyone in belittling or gossiping about your boss no matter what.⠀

4. Have a Servant’s heart. Be willing to serve, You should be brimming with enthusiasm, be energetic and ensure you give your best at all times.⠀

5. Find a balance in your relationship- You can work on your relationship with your boss that he/she becomes comfortable to call you a friend and at the same time a junior colleague. So, know where to draw the line, know when it’s time for work and time to play.⠀

6. Be growth-oriented, continue to increase your capacity. Be that arm that your boss can lean on.⠀

7. The  need for good communication is paramount. You need to work on your communication because your boss is younger than you and depending on how secure he/she is, you might need to be more intentional with the way you communicate with them and ensure that they don’t perceive you as rude. ⠀
Some bosses are more secured in themselves that they don’t feel threatened while some are not and will need that extra security. ⠀
Understand your boss and know how to relate with him/her. Let them also know that you support them ⠀

8. Remember, age is a number which is the truth. It could have been you in that position with someone older than you reporting to you.⠀
So treat your boss the way you will want to be treated.

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