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3 Mentalities that can help you Win in life and at work

Life is like a planted seed, the fruit we produce depends on how much we ‘till the ground’.

If we will get more out of life than average, we have to live an intentionally designed life as opposed to living by default, taking each day as it comes and not being deliberate.

When I think about the concept of intentional living, self discipline sits at the core and with that, three types of occupations with disciplined approach to life, come to mind. They include the farmer, the soldier and the athlete. Studying them closely reveals that people who are practicing these occupations successfully have developed key mentalities that have helped them thrive and today, we’ll be taking a look at the different mentalities

1)The Mentality of a Farmer

The farmer is very meticulous with the kinds of seeds he sows, when he sows and how he sows. And after sowing, he is patient enough to wait for his crops to grow and mature before harvesting.
What that means for us in borrowing that approach is that we have to ensure that we take the time to plant good viable seeds into our lives in the form of words, thoughts and diligence (consistency ) and we have to WAIT for the seed to grow because as long as the earth remains, seed –TIME – and harvest will not cease. There is always a time between the seed planting and harvest and though God can shorten it, sometimes He doesn’t, we will need to wait patiently and with faith. That is one reason why we should start early, because the things of the Kingdom can take some time but when the fruits come, it lasts.

Let The Word of God be planted firmly in your heart by constantly studying the Word of God. Listen to and replay Christian messages (because listening just once won’t cut it). Think on the Word. Dwell on it. Confess the Word. Get a trustworthy partner if you can, to confess what you are trusting God for, back to you. Let the person speak it to you and you affirm. Do away with contrary words and pictures and apply the Blood of Jesus to anything that is contrary to the picture you have in your heart.

Wherever you are now, give your best. Sometime in the future, that legacy will speak for you. Be diligent. Work like God is your direct boss because He actually is. Your earthly boss can award you with money but God rewards you and gives you life wages beyond what money can  buy.

Sow seeds, – Money and time seeds. Seed-sowing works but ensure you give from your heart, not under compulsion and as led by God. Also you must remember to pray over your seeds with scriptures before you sow it and as that seed leaves your hand, it doesn’t leave your life, it goes to the future to wait for you and becomes the harvest you need then

2)The Mentality of a Soldier

The soldier lives consistently alert. He is AWAKE and ready to fight when there is a need. When it’s time to get a job done, his comfort and convenience doesn’t have a say. He leads his feelings, his feelings don’t lead him.
To borrow the mentality of a soldier ensures that we are alert and active and that we act as commanded not as convenient. We don’t give up in the face of challenges. Once we have the go-ahead from God, we burn the bridge behind and plunge in, determined to conquer. No matter what, we just have to find a way, not in our own strength, but through God. We don’t turn away from obstacles instead, like a river, we find a way and if we can’t, we plunge right through.
Acting as commanded means we live beyond our feelings to ‘willing’ ourselves into taking the right course of action per time. It calls for delayed gratification when we have to. It is wide but we apply it to our specific areas. I trust God to guide us and give us deeper understanding.

3) The Mentality of an Athlete

An athlete is disciplined and focused. He has a prize to get and he earnestly works towards it. It’s difficult to distract an athlete who’s heart is set on a goal.
This mentality calls for discipline. The athlete puts in his all to ensure he takes the prize. He is not just running to excel, his running to WIN. He has a goal- the trophy. For us, the competition is not with a fellow man, it is with our past because every new day must be an improvement on yesterday. Even if you have to crawl, make a move. God is a GO-God. He’s always moving ahead. And if He ever asks you to wait, it is because He’s working out something and soon He will tell you it’s time to move so even in that ‘waiting’, you’re growing- making a movement. And of course our prize is our reward in heaven.

Examples include;
Disciplining our tongues: we must not speak guile with our tongues. Guard against it no matter how strong the temptation is because a few words spoken in defeat can destroy what you’ve been building for 2 months, or even years. If you do fall in the trap, destroy those words by the blood of Jesus and replace them IMMEDIATELY with what you’ve been confessing. Don’t hold back.

Another example is disciplining our emotions not to react to events or follow our feelings but training ourselves to follow The Word. Feelings are bad leaders but good followers. We must train them to conform to The Word of God. It might not be easy at first but God’s help is available, we only need to ask.

Another is disciplining our bodies to eat what is right so we can do what we have to do, on our part, to protect and preserve the ‘vehicle’ God has given us to deliver our message, on earth. Exercising right, eating healthy, controlling the impulses and subjecting the body to the Word of God are all the different ways we can do this.

The Bible talks about the world waiting for the manifestation of the sons of men. The enemy knows that if he allows you and I, we will wreck maximum damage to his plans and kingdom and de-populate hell, so he fights hard. He fights so very hard but we’re grateful for the Sacrifice of Jesus that has defeated him forever and God’s Word that gives us victory at all times. So let’s take The Word of God and keep acting on it. Let’s wake up when we need to and pray and stop joking with prayers. Let’s put our finances in order and be careful how and what we say. Let’s involve God in our choices and decisions, no matter how small and above all else… let’s guard our hearts diligently because out of it flows that issues of our life

Lots of Love.

Aijay Ufomadu

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