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This article first appeared here on my former blog, in November 2015

I remember when I was first introduced to farming…I think in early secondary school. Then the specimen was mostly maize seed. We were taught to carefully select the seeds to plant, plant the seeds in loamy soil or loam-sand soil for best results, water it well, ensure it gets adequate sunlight and weed the land to ensure the seeds get the utmost nutrients. And we were told to wait for about five to ten days I think… before it’ll sprout. It was exciting so I decided to experiment a little. I had this small piece of land behind the main building of my house that I decided to convert to a mini farm. Somehow I enjoyed the thought of planting a seed and watching it grow. I can’t remember what happened after then but I don’t think I sustained the passion because I don’t exactly remember eating cobs from my mini farm or even taking pictures of the yet immature maize stem.

Fast forward to the future. Recently, my pastor, whilst preaching, likened The Word of God and our hearts to seeds and the ground and for some reason, I remembered my short-lived passionate affair with maize planting. That got me really thinking and I decided to do a little research on it and see if maize planting will have anything to tell me on God-Word-As-a-Seed planting. What I saw was really amazing. I’ll break it down into parts so I don’t go on and on but it’s something that if we take the time to apply, we will be amazed at what we will see.

First the seed- Your seed has to be viable. Alive. Able to reproduce the KIND you want. Choosing the right seed can never be overemphasized. Even amongst same fruits and foods, there are varieties. The seed variety you sow will produce same variety when it sprouts. This calls for precision. Matthew 13 tells us the seed is The Word of God. You need to get God’s mind on that matter. What specific promise has God made to you concerning it? What instruction has He given? Even when there isn’t a clear answer for today’s specific contemporary challenges, if you search the scriptures and ask God to guide you, He will surely lead you to an answer. A promise. An instruction, That Word so long as it’s the Word of God is viable enough to produce what it talks about, in your life.

The lans:

The Land- This has to be good soil. We learnt that loam soil is the best soil for maize and that different seeds grow in different soils. So when planting it’s best to go for the soil that will best suit your seed. The Word of God can only survive in a heart that is right. That’s what the born-again experience does to you. Your heart, inner man, is recreated, brought to life and made viable. So God’s seed can grow in there.

The farm tools – Here we’ll summarize into one, all the farming implements used to plant a seed in the ground. That farming implement is called FAITH. Faith is what drives The Word into the ground of your heart. The Word finds its way into your heart when you believe IT and RECEIVE it

Watering – Watering is key to the growth of the seed. In fact watering is so important it can make or break your seed. Poorly watered seeds can produce stunted plants. Watering your seeds is akin to speaking. Declaring those words over and over again, drawing pictures, till it saturates your mind. In Eph 5:26, we see Jesus washing us with water THROUGH The word. What water does to the maize seed is what speaking and declaring does to your word-seed and just as you don’t stop watering till you harvest, so you don’t stop speaking till you see the results. And I understand that the best time to water the maize plant is early in the morning…sounds like getting up early in the morning to command your morning and instruct your day

Weeding – all those stuff competing for nutrients with the seed need to go otherwise your seed will not grow well. The major nutrient here for your word-seed is your focus. Your attention. You need to pay close attention to the word for it to produce fruit in your life. Focus creates growth. And those weeds are stuff that comes to distract you. Stuff that make you afraid, bitter, envious, jealous, insecure, unforgiving etc. You just name it. It is extremely important to always consciously examine your heart and deal with these weeds, asking God to help you because you will meet some weeds that honestly, you can justify its presence because what happened simply wasn’t fair. But bottom-line, its poison that you don’t need. Poison that will harm you and your seed together. A weeded heart is what ultimately determines if what you sow grows or not. You can read all you want in The Word and name and claim it but if you still haven’t forgiven a wrong, sorry, but your miracle can be greatly delayed, if not denied. Stories abound of people who were trusting God for healing and God pointed out unforgiveness in their hearts to them, for those who obeyed, most got healed without having to pray for healing again.

Sunlight – Very Key. Very important, extremely important. Research has shown that if you plant a seed in a dark room with a window that has light coming in at an angle, that seed will grow IN the direction of that light. That said, your seed will grow in the direction of the Word. Malachi4:2 calls Jesus the Sun of righteousness. Light here is illumination. Revelation from God. Every step of the way. Just like David, we must be in sync with God. Listening clearly for revelations from Him. Our seed will go in the direction of the revelation we receive, so hearing from God is key. What you need to do next to access your results will come to you by revelation. It will come to you and you will know that THIS IS IT because you’ve been on this project and your heart has been tuned in to hear from God

Wow… That blew my mind. I tried to make it succinct without cutting out precious truths. Guess that’s the closest I came to it. Please don’t read just once. Read it over and over and spend time thinking about it.

God bless You

Aijay Ufomadu

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