Here’s some Inspiration Snack

It’s ok not to have all the answers, God does⠀

It’s okay not to know what to do, God does⠀

It’s not everything that we can resolve, but we can decide that something is not worth spending our mental and emotional energy on, anymore⠀

It’s okay to find resolution in unresolved circumstances.  What matters is that you forgive and let go…and leave it in Gods hands.⠀

When you can’t deal with a matter, make peace with it based on Gods word and move on⠀

But whatever you do, ensure you dont allow the enemy bully you into believing something outside of God’s Word ⠀

We don’t have it all together but Our God does…and He loves us more deeply than we could ever love ourselves ⠀

Stop staying stuck. Your peace influences your productivity⠀

Have an amazing God-Defined Easter Sunday⠀

Love, light and Life⠀
Aijay Ufomadu

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