The Currency of Life

Currency has been defined as the instituted medium of exchange for goods and/or services within an economy. In other words, it is the legal form of tender without which you can’t access the basic necessities and luxuries with which you need to live life. It’s something you PAY to get something you WANT.

Now, currency is so important that your opinion is generally not sought when instituting it. Most of us were born into the current currency our nation uses so it’s likely we didn’t have a say in choosing it. We just met it and continued with it. Whether or not we accept it, like it or agree with it, if we want to be able to engage in financial exchange of any sort, we had better accept it.

Now, looking at it closely, currency is quite broad because it’s not just about money. Currency is a medium through which you acquire what you need and some needs are simply not bought with money. There are some things you will need in life and the currency with which you get it won’t be money, at least not initially. It’s very much like the ancient barter exchange system, just that this exchange system is still very much in force today, albeit unconsciously, most of this time.

Our focus today therefore, though on currency, is on a different kind of currency. A currency that has been in operation from days of creation. A currency that has come to stay till Jesus comes. A currency that determines every other thing we pretty much access, in life. A currency that even determines how much of the physical currency itself, that is money, that we get. It’s been in existence and operating, whether we are aware of it or not. It’s a currency that, when we understand how it works, we can take advantage of it to get our lives moving in the right direction. It’s the currency of Life itself. It’s the currency called ATTENTION!

There is a price you have to pay to get whatever you want to get. Like the saying goes, there is no free thing anywhere, anything that appears free has been paid for, by someone somewhere. So for you to live life at a certain level or quality, you have a price to pay. That price is attention, also known as Focus.

Ever noticed that we don’t give attention, we pay attention. That’s because attention, or focus, is the first currency you pay to get something you really want..or don’t want. It works based on the principle of attraction and it’s priceless because it determines EVERYTHING about your life.

Attention or focus is as good a currency as money because you PAY both. You PAY money and you PAY attention. When you enter a supermarket, you have alot of things that you can buy. You can even get a big trolley and fill it up with groceries and all but when you get to the counter, it’s only what you pay for that you’ll go home with. It’s what you pay for, that you’ll partake of.

We are all at different points and stages in our life and what we have access to is determined by something we are paying attention to, consciously or unconsciously. The Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Prov 23:7). When you give thought to a thing, you are paying attention to that thing, giving focus to that thing and soon enough, you’ll start to see or experience more of that in your life. In essence, what you pay attention to, comes to fruition in your life.

Lemme give you an example. There’s this car I love. It’s the white range rover sport. Lol. I know you know the car. But let me tell you why I love it. You see, for me, that car represents a blend of masculinity and femininity. It’s strong, solid and aesthetically beautiful with its carefully crafted metal alloy wheels. But that’s not even all of it. I love cars I can manoeuvre with ease. I love to play safe stunts on the road and when I see that car, I see a car that can bring out that stunt-driving part of me, albeit in a classy way. The interior of the car is breathtaking. The sound system is awesome. I love good vibes when I’m driving, be it playing worship early in the morning or praise jams in the evening. I love the sound of well mixed melodies accurately reproduced by the sound system of the car I’m driving and range rover sport does that. And because I don’t see much sense in letting a driver enjoy the experience of that car, I will drive myself most times.

So imagine me, in the driver’s seat of this SUV, dressed in a blue power suit with my glasses on, well-manicured fingers on the steering, looking ahead as I swiftly navigate the traffic to get to my destination. I will be a sight to behold.

The crown of it all might just be a dream I’ve held in my heart for so long. A dream that refuses to go away. A dream that pushes me when my hands start to get weary. Maybe that’s why I’m emotionally attached to this car because it is tied to a part of my life that is purpose-driven. It’s a picture I see of myself constantly. More like a mind capture that has come to stay. It’s the picture of me driving into my office complex, more like the towers exclusively owned by my organisation. I drive in, park in front of building and step down in my white designer tailored suit complete with royal blue accessories. I hand the keys over to a driver who’s already waiting for me, he gets in to go park the car at the car space specifically alloted to me while I take the elevator to the 10th floor, where I have the board of directors waiting for me to start a meeting. Beside me is my first son. Young but already knows alot about the business world because he’s stayed so close to mum. The second as at this time is either into IT like daddy or fully facing ministry or being groomed for whatever God has called him to, even though he’s still very young.

Wow. That was a long one. But I need you to read it and come on that mind journey with me, vividly envisioning what I just described. Then after a week, come back to the comments section and tell me how many white range rovers you saw in the week following your read. Most importantly, take note of the number of white range rovers you see women driving.

When you do this, it will most likely shock you to realise that you are suddenly seeing a whole lot of range rovers. Not just any colour, white. And most of them appear driven by women. You’ll see them almost everywhere. On the road. On TV. On the internet as you browse, in the magazine, on the advert stations while waiting to be served in a queue. Almost everywhere. And something is going to ask you. How come you didn’t notice this car all these while? Because suddenly you’ll start to see and most likely admire the alloy wheels. You might even have one drive so close to you that you hear the sweet wafts of music coming to your ears. What’s happening here? Why are you suddenly seeing all this? It’s almost as if it’s calling you.

Let me tell you what happened. I described something to you so tangibly it formed a clear and precise picture in your mind. Your mind captured that image and the next time you saw the physical expression of the image, your mind instantly recognised and isolated it. The range rovers didn’t suddenly appear. They have always been there. In the adverts, on the road, TV, internet etc. They’ve always been there. Hard to believe but true. They’ve always been there. The only thing that changed was that your attention, your focus, became heightened to it. So your inner antenna immediately picks it up anytime it’s within your radar because your mind has identified it as something you are currently paying attention to.

That’s what happens when you get pregnant and suddenly everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant too. And same thing happens when you earnestly desire to be married but you aren’t yet, then it seems as if everyone around you is getting married and you are the only one left. That is because that is what has captured your mind.

It’s what also happens when you buy a thing and suddenly it seems more people have it than you thought initially.

Same thing happens when you notice that somehow, you are being maltreated or victimised and the more you think of it, the more incidences of it you actually see and experience. It’s possible you’ve been treated that way all the while but you didn’t take it to heart, till some passer by made a comment about how much better you should be treated and suddenly, you start to feel funny. It sounds surreal but it’s true.

You see, the rich and successful will always tell you something, focus and attention played a great role in getting them to where they are now. There is nothing you can get in life and sustain it without paying attention to it. If you by chance stumbled into it, without paying attention to it, you will most likely lose it because you are not giving it the care it requires. What you pay attention to, you’ll begin to see in your life.

Those overwhelming circumstances could just be so because of the focus, the attention you’re paying it. Whatever you don’t want in your life, do not focus on it. No matter how enticing it looks. No wonder the Bible says we should concentrate on whatever is good pure lovely etc (Phil 4:8). God knows we attract what we behold so He starts to educate us before time to intentionally choose what we focus on.

We are changed from glory to glory as we behold God’s Word (2 Corinthians 3:18). The answer to transforming your life and moving forward starts with changing what you are essentially focussing on. That’s why the enemy fights to keep us looking in the wrong direction. Because if he can hold our gaze negatively, he can access our life. As we think, so we become.

It’s same reason God asked the children of Israel to look UP when they were stung by serpents(Numbers 21:8). The change in focus brought their healing.

Same reason also, God tells us in Hebrews 12:2 to look up to Jesus ,the initiator and finisher of our faith, because if we want to run the race well and finish well, we need an accurate image of that success stamped on our mind and Jesus provides that for us. It’s all in the focus.

So if you want a shift in your life, start by assessing your focus and make appropriate adjustments. Prayerfully determine where you want to be, seeking God for guidance and adjust your focus to capture that image and stick it on your mind. That’s the principle behind vision boards and this lady, Terri savelle foy, speaks so well about it.

I acknowledge that changing your focus can be a difficult one. Especially when you’re so used to thinking a particular way. But you have to decide ahead of time what it is, you really want out of life and give yourself no excuse for failure or failing short. It’s a journey that requires consistency and discipline but it’s totally doable.

You will fail a couple of times. That is sure. But when you do, don’t stay down. Stand up, dust yourself and keep moving forward. It can be a hard long journey but you don’t want to get to the end of your life and realise you could have had much more if only you assiduously went for it. Those who are doing it don’t have two heads. You can too. But you have to be willing.

The most important factor you need to create this focus change, without which you probably won’t be able to do it at all or go far, is The Word of God. Romans 12:2 talks about our mind being transformed and 2 Corinthians 3:18 talks about us being changed from glory to glory, in both instances, as we behold, focus,pay attention, to The Word. The Word works . And no matter where you’re coming from or how deep the hole or mess is, The Word can pull you out and set you on top. Just stay consistent.

Also, remember that what births a thing also sustains it, so don’t abandon the Word of God once you start to see more clearly and your focus changes. Stay with The Word. Thats the only way your results will last because we have a real enemy constantly fighting for our focus.

Change your focus. Change your life.

It’s all in the focus baby. It’s all in the focus.

So what are you currently paying attention to?

What is your focus on now?

Is it helping you or harming you?

Lemme know in your comments.

And now, a little somethin’ for you before I end..

Stay encouraged!!

Loving you and praying for you as always

All the very best and do live a God-Defined life


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  1. Eziaha

    I literally saw plenty range rover already.
    Focus is indeed everything.
    Super well done girl.
    Well done


    1. aijayufomadu

      Thank you so so much sis. Thanks for all you do

  2. Ayomide

    This is so on point. The power of focus; it works like magic. May God help us to focus on what is beneficial and not what will draw us back.
    God bless you Aijay

    1. aijayufomadu

      Thank you Ayo. You too

    2. aijayufomadu

      Thank you. All glory to God

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