What’s your personal life manifesto?

What’s your personal life manifesto?

Let me start by defining what is

A personal manifesto comprises some sets of highly inspired and Word based phrases that confess, declare, pronounce,  announce and introduce you to your future.⠀

Your life is voice activated. It means that the progress of your life is tied to the prophecies of your mouth⠀

If you shut your mouth,  you shut your destiny⠀

What’s your future looking like? If your mind hasn’t gotten there,  your physical reality will have  a hard time identifying it⠀

But before you can paint it, your mind has got to accommodate it. And that what words do. You speak it till your mind gets the idea and you lock it in.⠀

And then stuff start to happen. ⠀

Your success in life is voice activated.⠀

Love, light and life ⠀
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