Don’t Go Shopping on Empty

Recently, on my way back from work, I decided to do a quick stop at the supermarket and pick a couple of things. I had just closed from work and I was looking forward to getting home, most especially because I was hungry; really hungry. But if I didn’t buy what I needed, Saturday would be the next time and Saturday was looking too far from Wednesday so I decided to make it a quick one.

Wrong decision because I did not only buy what was on my list, I bought some other things that were not on the list and I ended up overshooting my budget.

But you know the craziest thing, somehow I just could not put down any of the extra stuff I bought because they all looked appealing, more like life-saving. I didn’t understand why, I was just so convinced I needed them and so I bought them. As I drove home, I looked forward to eating many of the things I bought as all of them were edibles.

Fast forward to when I got home, I ate my dinner and sat down to do some dream work and totally forgot about the things i bought that i had planned to munch on. Minutes later, my help brought the bag to me and as I went through the things I bought, I suddenly realised that all the things I bought with much enthusiasm weren’t attractive to me anymore. I was looking at the biscuits and chocolates and wondering why on earth I got them and how I was going to eat them because I was seeing them for what they truly were – unhealthy junk.

It was then I realized that I bought all of them because they looked appealing and the reason they looked appealing was that at that point of purchase, I was hungry and anything that was edible looked like the next best thing, after salvation and a good marriage.

That made me overshoot my budget, on something I did not need, something I could now see clearly for what it actually is – junk! At the point I bought it, it didn’t matter what it was, what mattered was my perception of it – an object of great satisfaction for my crying stomach. I was thinking of my stomach- No! I was thinking through my hungry stomach and I made stupid decisions. At that point in time, my sense of judgement was warped. Hunger, warped my sense of Judgement.

Hunger is so serious that the adjective used to describe it is ravenous. You know what ravenous means? It means voracious; something close to wolfish.

The idea of it sounds scary. But that’s what hunger does to you. Especially if it’s been left unattended to for so long. Hunger warps your sense of Judgement and makes what would otherwise have been forbidden, appear accepted. Hunger can make you see yellow as gold and black as grey.

Hunger is so strong it has the power to channel your thinking mechanism from your mind through the organ where the hunger is resident; just like it channeled mine from my head through my stomach.

So, have you been thinking of.., sorry, have you been thinking through any of your organs lately?? Could it be that the decisions you’re currently making that aren’t helping you is because you’re thinking through your love-hungry heart, wondering how you will survive without a relationship or without that person and because of that, you’re eating junk?

Are you thinking through your sex organ so much that the scriptures in red about fornication and adultery are beginning to look pinkish white and the lines are blurring..

Are you thinking through your desire for fame so much that you’re ready to do anything or step on anyone to become that image of yourself you’ve conceived

Or could it be that you’re so power hungry that innocent people around you pay for stuff they know nothing about, just because you want to show

What are you hungry for? What is driving your decisions? What is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing? If you had a full stomach of your desire, would you still do what you’re doing now? What are you filling up yourself with? Junk or real food?

Never go shopping when you’re empty. Everything will appear as the solution you need and this is not even about shopping at a supermarket, it’s about living life everyday. That day I learnt that you’ll never make the best decisions when you’re hungry. That day, I understood why a lot of people make the wrong choices when they desperately need something.

The worst time to shop is when you’re hungry. That’s what happens when someone is desperate to get married. You’re hungry for marriage and in that instant, any guy will look appealing enough because your standards are lowered. When you’re hungry for attention, you’ll crave just anyone’s time. You’ll lower your standards for what you want.

What have you been craving lately? How desperately do you want it? I want you to take a break and critically look at what is driving you? Don’t allow your desires make you settle for less than God’s best for you. A whole life is ahead of you, don’t short-circuit yourself with short term gratifications. Decide for yourself what you want based on the life God has called you to live and stay on that, no matter how intense the pressure gets. The truth is that pressure will rise. People will talk. Time will be on the move but it’s what you have agreed with God on, based on His word, that will be your reality. Life answers to what is inside of you

Don’t go shopping on empty. You’ll make wrong decisions based on the cravings you feel

How did your week / day go?

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Loving you still

Aijay Ufomadu

….Live Awake

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