Why you deserve a good year (and how you can achieve one)

2019 is here! Hurray! Glory to God.

It’s amazing how a new year can make one feel renewed, refreshed and ready to do some mighty new things for God. I’m so grateful for every goal achieved and success recorded last year and I’m already eager and expectant, looking forward to greater things this new year.

Almost everyone welcomes the new year with joy and expectations. I personally think having Christmas and New year in one breath of a week, is not only divine and phenomenal, it’s amazing. From the celebrations of Christmas with the beautiful season of harmattan/winter that accompanies it…right up onto the new year. Heaven planned this one, – a perfect combo.

It’s going to be an amazing year and I hope you’re looking to partner with God and make this year great. No matter what has happened in the past, you deserve a great year ahead because of John 10:10b – Jesus came to give you life and give it to you ABUNDANTLY. If you’re continuosly living a life that’s nothing to write home about, it’s time to make a change and a drastic one at that. And in the light of new year resolutions and awesome plans that grace seasons such as this, I just thought to share a few points that can help you make this year extra special, for you, so you don’t experience in 2019, what you experienced in 2018. Your life can be better, it all depends on your choices, starting today.

So shall we..?

1. Let God be at the very centre of your existence- your centre is the very core of you as a person and at that core is a God-shaped vacuum that can only be filled by God. So you have to let God be central in your life, right at the very middle of your life and in all the decisions you make. Don’t make choices without God and don’t fight your battles without Him. When you win, celebrate with God, when you face challenges, handle them through God. Live in 2019 with God at the very centre of everything and 2019 will be so phenomenal for you

2. Prioritize your focus- Know what is in God’s heart concerning you and go after it with all your heart. Azzin ‘die’ there. Give it your all with ruthless abandon. Determine what you want to achieve in 2019, ensure it lines up with God’s agenda for you and then, make it your priority. Your priority affects everything you do in life -your choices, your words, your belief, where you go, even how you dress, everything! Therefore, the best way and in fact the only sure way to achieve what you desire is to give it laser-focus and to do that, you’ll need to keep that dream before your eyes everyday and in your heart, praying for it, at all time. Know what is important in your own life and go after it with all your heart. No half measures. If it is important, you will make it important. Don’t act or sleep like you have plenty time. Create plans that will help you achieve your goals. Pursuits translate words to actions, thoughts to visible steps and imaginations to doable plans. Tell yourself continually that this year, you will be focussed in everything you do and every morning you wake up, determine the goals for the day and with deliberate intention, FOCUS, EXECUTE and FINISH

3.Your time must pay you and it must grow you- Make sure your time pays you and grows you. Be extremely intentional about that. Spend your time wisely. Know what to DO and when; know what to DELEGATE and when; know what to DEFER and when; and know what to DELETE and when. Your time is precious and as long as 2019 looks, we have just 8,760 hours innit. That means that you need to have value for every time you spend, even when you spend that time having fun. Your time must create assets for you, not liabilities. So I beg you, don’t waste your time in 2019. If a conversation won’t help your 2019 focus, gracefully disengage. Help yourself in 2019. Always ask yourself if what you’re currently giving your time to will yield you value? How much value does your engagements bring you? If that television isn’t contributing positively to your destiny, maybe it’s time you cut it down. If that thing is making you more afraid than courageous, cut it off! In essence, make wise use of your time. It’s your currency. Manage your time wisely, spend your time well. Finish what you have started.

4 Audit your relationships – There are four things you should do to your relationships this year because you will ultimately become like the person or persons you associate with.

– RENEW- Look at your circle of relationships and prayerfully consider those you should renew. Ideally, those that fall into this category might not be much. God comes first. Then your family. And divinely orchestrated covenant relationships. I don’t know what this list would look like for you but prayerfully assert who they are and make moves to keep these relationships refreshed and renewed.

REVIEW. You might need to review some relationships in your lives , especially those that have lost their trajectory. Some others too, you might need to review for upgrade. Some relationships no longer serve a good purpose in your life anymore. Maybe it’s a relationship that it’s season has expired or a friendship that has gone off course. Now, this doesn’t mean you dump your friends and break your relationships anyhow but deep in your heart, you know when something isn’t just working anymore and you need to move on. You know when the centre is broken and can no longer hold. its okay to try to work on your relationships and make it better. That’s great. But I’m talking about those ones that are killing you slowly. It’s time to review and REDUCE the relationship and please do so with no sentiments. Remember they won’t be there when it’s time to answer to God for your life on earth. Reducing does not mean they become strangers or you stop talking to them, it means you reduce the time you make available for the relationship and guard your heart seriously, with them. It means it no longer takes up a huge chunk of your time. Why should it? When it’s not adding to you, instead it’s making you sad and upset and angry continually. Reduction can also be in varying degrees. Some you need to reduce by some notches, others can be a few more and some have to be reduced to the barest minimum, maybe because you just have to have some kind of interaction with them frequently – for example a colleague at work. For these people, guard your heart in those brief moments of interactions so you don’t leave the conversation feeling funny again. Again I reiterate, reducing does not mean malice and does not mean you don’t act in love towards them. No. It just means you reduce the attention you give to it. Whenever they come around you, let them feel the warmth of Jesus radiate to them through the love you show them but know the boundaries.

There are also relationships that you know are Godsent but somehow you have not paid attention to them. This year, review and upgrade, create space in your life for what will add to God’s purpose for you

REMOVE- For those relationships you already told yourself won’t follow you into 2019. You know them, God has been cautioning you about it and you promised yourself that this year, you’re cutting off, it’s time keep that promise to yourself.

Your relationship circle is a mirror of what your future is like. Think about the kind of conversations you guys talk about. What do you focus on. Don’t let anymore make you mediocre because they want to be your friend. Choose friends by purpose not by pocket, including mentors, peers and mentees.

5) Build your capacity. Read good books and consume good content. You can only bless and give from the abundance that is within you so always add to that ‘abundance’.

6)Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive- everyone including you. No one is perfect and things are not always as serious as it seems so let go and ask God to heal your heart and take the hurt away.

Finally. Leave it all in the past. You failed God. You failed yourself, you messed up. You did it baaad! Whatever it was that happened, leave it in the past. Don’t let the memories of yesterday be stronger than the creative juices of today. Goes both ways, both for good and bad memories. Whatever it is, leave it in 2019. Even if it’s this year that it’s happened in already, azzin the year has not started and you’ve ‘commited errors’ already, ask God for mercy and drop it at the cross.

You might have an achilles heel, an area of weakness you’ve been trying to overcome . Yes I know people say you have to be a certain way to be used but the last time I checked, God uses willing hearts, not ready-made lives. This is not to say you shouldn’t live a life of purity and holiness but when you have tried but keep failing, drag yourself and your mess to the One who knows you and understands what you’ve been through. He knows deep down you want to serve Him but it’s tough. See, that person beside you won’t get it because they don’t know your struggle. But God does and He’s willing to help. There are some issues that can only drop off in the place of intense focus on God. When you’ve tried and you’ve failed, take it to God’s presence. If you started from there in the beginning, it would have been long gone by now. But it’s not too late now. Don’ t allow your mess or weakness stop you from serving God, instead, intensify your devotion in the place of prayer. Let your words express your heart to God, telling Him stuff you’ve not been able to tell Him by your actions because of the weakness you’ve had. Never joke with your altar. Pour fire there everyday. Keep it burning. Stay in place- stay in God’s presence. Every morning bring your sacrifice of worship. It’s called sacrifice because it might not be easy but we keep doing it EVERY DAY. Someday you’ll find that the struggle you used to have, you’ll have no more and the place of prayer has become a wholesome delight to you.

And it’s a wrap. Hope these points are succinct enough for you to pick what hits your spirit and run with it this year.

Here’s wishing you a super duper amazing fruitful GOD-DEFINED year and you bet! I’ll be praying for you seeing as you’re part of my blog-family

God bless you!!

Aijay Ufomadu

… live awake

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