Why Your Dreams aren’t Working…Yet

Sometime ago, I experienced struggles, real struggles in trying to put my life together and bring something fruitful out of it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have dreams, I did and for some of those dreams, I had clarity but I was struggling, struggling to go through each day working on my dreams and that affected me on some very deep level because I didn’t want to get to 80 and discover I still had a lot to do with little or no time. So I knew I had to wake up. I had to find a way to make my life and dreams work.

I listened to inspirational tapes and attended motivational seminars and the likes and i came back more frustrated and confused than I cared to admit. Everyone is gingering for us to fulfill our dreams, very few are teaching you how to do that practically. I mean, I know I must fulfill my dream and ‘get to the grind’ and work it all out and all the works but what happens when I have this crazy unexplainable tiredness that won’t let me do anything past my jobtime?

What happens when I have huge financial responsibilities and my dreams still need money but I can’t save much because my money is needed everywhere?

What happens when I need an MBA but the last time I checked, LBS was charging millions that I don’t have to pay?

What about the other day when I prayed and prayed for something but I didn’t get results, results I needed for breakthrough on my dreams?

Ok. I’m in ministry but this turf is much tougher than I thought and all these ‘get in the grind’ talks ain’t helping me.

Me, I’m a wife and mum, and you could even be a husband and dad, we are also professionals or entrepreneurs, schedules are tight and it’s either we pursue our dreams at the expense of family or we focus on family and forget our dreams.

There are endless questions, real problems, life issues and challenges that people are facing on the journey to fulfilling their dreams and these challenges require answers, not just anwsers, answers one can tailor to the specific life season they are in and produce results.

This is by no means talking down on ‘getting in the grind.’ – No. But a whole lot goes into making that grind work, a whole lot than what we just see on the internet. We want to get results but it’s looking like a ‘long thing’

I mean, who is tired of getting tired☝️

Who is tired of being at one place, circling a mountain over and over again? Raise your hands☝️

Who is frustrated and confused because they’ve tried to ‘get in the grind’ but the grind is grinding them to pieces, they don’t even want anymore?

Who has plain given up?

Judging by the vast information and resources we have on pursuing our dreams, we ought to have more successes today than we actually have when compared to the world’s population. The question is, what is happening?

I’ll tell you. There is a mix behind the ‘the grind’ that people aren’t getting. It isn’t that they aren’t motivated or fueled to pursue their passion, it is that somewhere along the line, the mix is getting twisted and hindering their works if not stopping them all together. They are putting in so much but getting so little in return, compared to their input.


Enter !!

Optimize Your Life – The Book.

Life issues most times require practical solutions and this book was written to provide practical answers to all the questions and challenges expressed above; those and many more.

I know they say that if you’re truly willing, you’ll find a way, if you’re not, you’ll find an excuse. But for you, you have not have found a way, not because you’re not willing but because you’re overwhelmed. You don’t even know where to start from. You’re not giving yourself an excuse, you’re just plain tired.

Don’t worry, I get. I know what it feels like to be at that point when you literally just want to give up but for me, the fear of getting to 80 and still having dreams unfulfilled kept me searching for answers I wasn’t getting from most of the talks and books I’ve come in contact with.

And that’s why I wrote this book. I don’t want you to get to the near-end of your life and experience an even greater frustration because you didn’t fulfill all God sent you to do. See, on that glorious day, far ahead in the future, when you’re ready to go back to your father in heaven, there is a joy you’ll feel knowing that you’re leaving empty! And that God will tell you ‘well done,’ not ‘well?’

Based on sound biblical principles which most self-help books these days omit, this book will start you on a journey to building a tailor-made structure that is specific to any life season you’ll get into, a structure from which you can launch out and fulfil your dreams.

I can’t promise that this book will answer all your questions or heal all your wounds because it’s not the Bible. But I can promise you that this is that book you’ve been looking for a long time now to give you more clarity; that information you’ve been seeking to understand some concepts; that insight you need to connect the dots.

Available on November 1, 2018, first as an Ebook on Okadabooks. Pray. Prepare your heart. Anticipate the release. A force sent by God is about to hit your heart and it’s coming from the pages of a book designed by God to wake you up to Him and make you ALIVE to the World!!

You’re here for impact.

You’re here as a solution.

Please do not give the devil another day of your life because you feel clueless, overwhelmed or for whatever reason!

You have a part to play in making the world beautiful, get on stage and make that happen!

See you November 1, 2018.

Pre-Order options are available for the hard copy and this comes with some bonuses which include but are not limited to; early bird discount and free pass to optimize-your-life workshops which will hold across major cities in Nigeria, and who knows, maybe outside Nigeria too.

To pre-order, please click here or pre-order on bit.ly/optimizeyourlifebook.  Kindly note that the ebook will be available on Okadabooks for now, the next site is kobo books and a couple of others, which I’ll definitely let you know.

Looking forward to hearing from you

I Celebrate You!!


……Live Awake

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