What’s your focus? What are you looking at?

There was this movie I watched back then in the 90’s. It was a foreign movie and the movie was about how some set of foreign beings, better known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were released from supposedly another planet, into planet earth to possess the earth. Their mission was to make the earth thiers and their strategy was simple – they come in looking like normal human beings, act friendly and nice and then at night, when they have succeeded in establishing some form of friendship or comradeship with their intended victim, they’ll turn into who they truly are, ugly monsters. At that time when it’s too late to turn or run, they corner their victims and bite them, injecting some form of substance into them that transformed the victim into a fellow UFO. That wasn’t the end, the person who was previously full human becomes half human, half UFO, and starts his or her witch-hunt to add more people to the UFO populace. I think at some point, they got discovered and then active steps were initiated to not only stop them but eliminate them completely.

I probably watched this movie about 20 years ago but somehow, the theme of the movie never left me because it always reminded me of a scripture in the Bible that was issued as a command to Christians- Matt 28:19(NLT) which says

‘Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.’

You see, that movie wasn’t just about biting people and making them victims, it was about domination through the discipleship. Just that this time, the discipleship wasn’t pure. But the fact that a set of beings who couldn’t even be identified as real human beings had a strong desire to possess the earth for themselves got me thinking of the battle for the lives of men on earth. Truth is, you might just think it’s a movie but it’s beyond that. These things are happening. Just that this time, it might not be UFOs but something similar to them seeking to possess the souls of men and ensure they walk the path opposite to what their creator intended.

When we first got saved as Christians, we were told we are saved to save others and that’s the truth. If you were just saved to be saved, you’ll probably just appear in heaven the moment you gave your life to Jesus but you’re still on earth today because God gave all Christians a mandate to raise disciples for the Kingdom and today, I want to highlight a part of our lives we can adequately use to raise disciples for Christ but we often don’t take advantage of it, maybe because it doesn’t look like the four corners of the church. I’m talking about your workplace.

You see, wherever you do your work, be it as an entrepreneur or corporate personnel, is a platform you can take as a pulpit for the gospel of Christ. The pulpit isn’t found in the church alone, your platform- where you do your work, is your OWN pulpit and you ought to honour God with it. I’m not talking about doing morning cries or holding crusades in your office, I’m talking about a more subtle but yet effective approach to discipleship and that’s being the light.

Lemme back up a little bit. This movie I talked about sheds light on what is truly happening in the world – how the enemy of our souls will stop at nothing to possess men and set them up for hell and that is worrisome. That is worrisome because the devil will stop at nothing to drag people to hell with him. I don’t know why the stupid devil won’t just face his punishment alone, I mean no one challenged God with him, he did it all by himself but now, he wants innocent people to pay the price with him. That is worrisome. But even more worrisome is the fact that we Christians have decided to turn a blind eye to this by our actions, not because we can’t do anything but because we feel we can’t be bothered. I don’t get it. How can you sit, relax and be sipping champagne when your neighbor is on his way to hell. Let me even say that I feel like there is punishment for that negligence sef but that’s story for another day.

See, we are Christians first before we became anything else. Are you an entrepreneur, corporate personnel, politician, business personnel or applicant, you’re a CHRISTIAN FIRST before you are anything else and you must never forget that wherever you are. We must not allow the pursuit of success, fame, comfort and money distract us so much we lose focus of the major reason we are here in the first place.

Let me ask you some questions-
When was the last time someone took a good decision because of you?
When was the last time someone gave their life to Christ just by watching the way you live yours?
When was the last time someone followed you to church convinced of God’s love for them?

Alot is happening and people are making alot of bad decisions. Worse still, many of those people are around us but we aren’t helping them or influencing their lives positively because our transactions with them end with just money, business, referral or some other business stuff.

Let me ask you this- what is your true purpose for going into business or working? I think that will help us understand things better. Did you start that business or get that job so you could put food on the table, enjoy life and travel twice a year or did you get it with an understanding that you are a child of God on assignment? Why did you get that job? What is your true focus for that job? Do you intend to serve yourself through that job/business or do you intend to serve God through it?

Please permit me to remind you that if you are a Christian, you don’t have a life. My brother, my sister, you no get life! What you think you have, you gave to Christ when you repented. Remember? You gave your life to Christ and you received His. A life far better than what you ever had. Newsflash! You are living a borrowed life. A life loaned you with the understanding that you will use it to honour God. And no matter how long you live, that debt is a debt you keep paying till your last breathe so it’s better you get to the true business of your life cos God will ask you what you did with what He gave you.

I’m not here to scare you and I’m sorry if I sound rude. I’m just speaking out of passion because if we do nothing, nothing will happen. We need to step up and step out and all I’m asking is for you to be the light and brighten your corner.

See, being in the corporate world doesn’t afford you the opportunity do morning cries or hold crusades in the office but there are some strategies that don’t lie. They always yield results and one of those is by being the light that inspires men to come to the LIGHT.

How do you do this? By the way you live your life. By being a person of integrity and truth. By giving your best to your job. By not fighting the powers that be such that they see you’re not fighting but you’re excelling so it’s clear someone greater is fighting for you. By brightening your corner with God’s love. I think for me, that’s the greatest of it all. Everyone responds to love and at the core of every human being is that desire to be acknowledged, recognised and appreciated; that desire to be loved. When you reflect God’s love to people, it’s not hard to convince them to listen to you if you have something to say. Like my aunt says, “while you sell on your job, sell Jesus to men too.”

It’s about time we opened our eyes and stepped up our game on raising disciples. If UFOs who have nothing good in stock can pretend to be nice to get a person, how much more we who are actually loving and caring by the nature of God in us. People are going through alot and need answers and the way you live your life might be the start of the light they need to come to Jesus.

Your platform is your pulpit.
Your workshop is part of your worship
Your workspace can be used for Jesus
Use these to influence the lives of men…for Jesus

Let’s not lose FOCUS of the very reason we’re here in the first place.

If your heart is ignited and burning with fresh purpose to honour God with your life, especially through your work, join us at this year’s FOCUS Conference holding on December 15, 2018, where we’ll be learning practical ways we can bring God into our work. The terrain is tough but God’s Grace is tougher and by God’s strength, we can scale over any wall and bring in trophies for Christ.

We also know that the workplace terrain can be tough so we’ll be having a panel session addressing issues we face as Christians in the marketplace. Come with your questions and with a heart ready to learn because we anticipate God pouring fresh fire, strength and focus into our spirits as we rise to become the LIGHT He has called us to be.

FOCUS Conference is an exclusive Holy Ghost meeting for Marketplace Apostles and Christian Influencers and the whole focus is just to point us back to Jesus. So we don’t get it mixed up or twisted pursuing money, success or fame. These have thier place but there’s a greater purpose.

For more information on the FOCUS Conference, please visit www.focusconferencenigeria.org

You can also register on bit.ly/focusnigeria2018

Be the Light. Remain the Light!

Love you loads

Aijay Ufomadu

….Live Awake

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  1. Eziaha

    Like my aunt says, “while you sell on your job, sell Jesus to men too.”

    This is so apt and I cannot wait for the conference

    Super well done hun

  2. Eziaha

    Like my aunt says, “while you sell on your job, sell Jesus to men too.”

    This is so apt and I cannot wait for the conference

    Super well done hun.

    Counting down excitedly

    1. aijayufomadu

      Thank you Swt. You’re an amazing example of what this conference is about and I’m not even flattering you!! Keep the light blazing bright

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