Having A Guilt-free And Meaningful Prayer Life And Devotion Time With God

Hey Doyenne of God,Having a regular, consistent and meaningful time with Jesus can be challenging in the midst of our busy schedules. And most teachings on spending quality time with God these days usually equate quality with quantity. In other words, it has to be long prayer to be good prayer. This complicates issues for us, especially the 8-5 who don’t have much control over most of the time at work, because we know we simply don’t have all that time. Even entrepreneurs are not exempted, most times, they work longer hours especially at the start of business. We simply don’t have 3 hours to spend daily. Not with all the other activities we have to do especially if you’re married, a mom, studying and all. It can be a challenge but it needn’t be. Prayer is topmost priority and must be treated as such. And getting into guilt because of it won’t help. So don’t let anyone or the enemy guilt trip you something you don’t have control over. If you’re in that boat and you’re not sure what to do, You love Jesus and You want to give Him the highest place in your life, below are some tips to help you do just that – build a consistent meaningful time with the Lover of your soul.1. First off, let’s make this clear- quality does not mean quantity.If 30 minutes is all you can truly spare in the morning, it’s fine. Make it special. Make it count. Focus on Jesus. Worship. Pray. Study. Talk with Him. Jesus would rather you have a meaningful heart to heart 30mins date with Him every morning than a long prayer time done to check off the list of to-do or worse, a lengthy prayer time that is inconsistent or superficial. More than numbers, He wants your heart. Now let me get something clear now, this has to be sacrificial, but in a sustainable kind of way. This means that if you know you can spend 1 hour but you choose 30 minutes, well, God knows that isn’t your best. Choose your best and make it a sacrifice. Make it at the expense of television, internet surfing and unnecessary chats. All those stuff you know won’t add to you. Go to bed early and wake up fresh to talk with God.2. Have two prayer strategies. For me, I typically have about 2 prayer strategies per time. What that means is that I have a 30-minute prayer structure and a one-hour structure. So on the day I get in bed early and I wake up on time, i have 1 full hour to lounge with Jesus. But for those days i wake up later than usual, because I worked late into the night doing some readings or assignments or anything else that’s edifying and purpose-centred, i have 30 minutes that morning and i lounge with Jesus, guilt-free. So the devil can’t guilt trip me over anything. 30 minutes or 1 hour, I have me some good time with my Lord. But I have to make sure that what kept me up late at night was IT! And also, I don’t take it too far. I have a time beyond which I just have to shut down and go to bed and for me, that time is 12am latest. Know the minimum sleep you need to get going in the day and take your late night work only that far. And also, I don’t practice this for long. Some days are like that but they are not often. Typically 2-3 days out of 6 working days for me.Another thing to note is making sure that you’re not so engrained in the prayer structure/strategy that you’re not flexible when God wants you to be. Remember it’s about Him, not you.3. Take advantage of weekends and holidays. Especially weekends. Schedule some longggg intimate time with God for weekends and please it’s ok to be selfish about it. If you have to go to bed early on Friday night to make it happen or stay up in bed late into Saturday morning or whatever plan you choose, weekends are a very good time to have some amazing longggg time with God and trust me, you will be deeply refreshed for the week ahead.4. Take advantage of fringe moments. For example, I pray when driving. Time is precious and I don’t like to waste my time. So when I drive to work, I pray on the way. When I’m driving back, I listen to audio books if I’m alone in the car. No time to waste because you see, most of our time is taken up at work, we need to be extra intentional about the time left. So I pray about anything more that dropped in my heart while I was praying in the morning. Or if there was a scripture I didn’t explore very well maybe because of time, I would think about it and pray it into my life while driving. Or I pray about my vision. Or anything The Lord lays on my mind. It’s also a good time to pray for those things that are not typically or currently on my prayer wall, random stuff like someone who you heard was sick or struggling with something. Your drive time or commute time to work or engagements, especially morning commutes, are a good time to do some extra meaningful prayer. Which is why I guard my morning commute time to work jealously. I don’t like to chit chat and my husband totally understands. In fact, when I start to pray, he joins me. Any other person close to me, knows and respects that.5) When you’re present with God, BE PRESENT with Him. Don’t think about the kids or work or hubby or or anything else except you’re praying for them. Don’t think about food or what to wear or anything that can distract you. Just be PRESENT with Him. That’s what makes the moments count.6) Experiencing the presence of God is a practice. You practice His presence all day long by constantly being mindful of Him, knowing that you carry Him and you’re representing Him in the workplace. Paste scriptures as postcards in front of you. Play some prayer or worship music on low, while you work, pray under your breath in other tongues or English while you work, when you’re not attending to anyone. Be more conscious of Him because He is more real than the person closest to you.That’s all. What other ideas or thoughts do you have on this. Please share below.
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