Multitasking for women – Just How Far Can We Go?

I am a customer service professional and occupying that role in my organization means that you are able to multitask. In fact, one of our bosses humorously said that that’s why every CSO in my organization is a female, because of our innate ability to multitask. We are expected to be able to handle alot at a time and that’s what happens. It’s really difficult making progress in a day’s work if all you do is pick one job after the other. You just have to be able to do more than one thing at a time!

That’s the advantage we have as women. It’s little wonder we combine so many roles well, being a Christian, a wife or significant other,a mom or mom to be, a sister, an employee, a CEO, a serial entrepreneur, and the list continues, all at same time. And for all these roles we find ourselves performing, giving it our best because we grew up knowing that’s the thing to do. Infact, when the picture of multitasking comes to mind, we most often see the picture of a woman carrying a baby in one hand, answering a call with a phone held between her ears and her shoulder, folding clothes into a box and keeping an eye on a toddler so he doesn’t harm himself while playing. It’s amazing what we women do that we see as nothing because we not only grew up seeing life that way, especially seeing the female influences in our life do it, we are also wired that way. A man on this journey will just experience an instant mental block. They aren’t wired that way. A typical man can’t do more than one thing at a time. It’s really rare. But then it’s a balanced situation. The calm and the logic we need to make carefully weighed decisions comes with the man who isn’t entangled with more things than one.

But with multitasking, there should be a limit. Multitasking on the wheel while driving is a no-no. And that goes from making calls, especially without handsfree, to chats and texts or even carrying a baby to drive, even if it’s within the neighborhood. You’re putting both you and your baby at risk. The other day I saw a lady driving with her baby sitted on her laps, on the driver’s seat, in the middle of a city traffic. Specifically, the city of Lagos. That’s a limit we shouldn’t venture to. Multitask and make progress in such a way that you’ll live to multitask again tomorrow.☺️

Multitasking while cooking with a gas is a no-no especially if the other tasks is answering a phone call. Answering calls near a gas cooker is dangerous with a capital D.

Multitasking while making a call or having a conversation with someone is not only not right. It’s rude, except in cases where it’s absolutely essential that you combine the two. When making a call, focus on the call. When having a conversation, don’t pick your calls or if you have to, ensure you get appropriate excuse before you pick the call and excuse yourself.

Multitasking while reading guarantees that you don’t get the full import of what you read, in most cases anyway. So you end up wasting your time because the other thing you were doing was most likely not well done too. If you have to multitask, while reading, take advantage of audio books. But please listen to it at least three times to ensure you get a very good hang of what you audio-read because if you did it while cooking for example, you can be sure you didn’t hear everything; cooking requires your concentrated attention. If you’re listening while driving, it’s better and the more you know your route, the better because your movement is kinda automated thereby freeing up more focus for the book your listening to.

One level of Multitasking you should never ever do Is Multitasking while praying or studying God’s word. Let me just leave it there☺️

These are a few of the instances where multitasking is not appropriate. And in some cases, the danger can be as much as involving life.

What other instances can you sight where multitasking is inappropriate?

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