Lemme gist me small…

Infact, we might need more of spiritual midwives.⠀

Just concluded an Insta live session and as I ended, I shared with them a joke i shared with my husband. But the truth is, it’s not a joke, it’s actually a reality ⠀

This lockdown will birth somethings. For some, it will be a baby or babies,  for others,  it could be a new you that will be birthed if you’re intentional about it but some new things will be birthed, that’s for sure.⠀

All around the world, there’s a revival going on now. People are receiving the life of Christ and getting born again. You know what that means? The harvest is ripe. These new Christians will have to be fed and fed with the true Word of God so they can grow well. These are whole ripe fields of harvest and the demand for spiritual midwives..and nurturers will be heavy⠀

Now there has been  alot of prophecies about God releasing a  new wave of apostles. He is doing so already so if you know you’re one of them, start getting ready. The harvest is much, there will be a demand and they need to know the Bible truth, not human fabricated convenient truth. ⠀

I pray God helps us match up to this through His Spirit because the way it’s coming at me….⠀

I’ll just say that you should ensure this season of lockdown gets you digging deep roots in God because you just might not know where and what your next assignment would be.⠀

So whether you’re a physical midwife or a spiritual midwife, you better be getting ready because a demand is coming..⠀

Kudos and well done to all our healthcare practitioners all around the world. We are praying for you and The Lord will keep you safe and strong through this season to the end. This season would not see your end, we will all see the end of it in Jesus Name, Amen. ⠀

God bless you all from the bottom of our hearts⠀

Jesus- The Name above all Names⠀

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